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I write stories about the wisdom of nature with animals as my stars.

My stories make me smile and feel good. And I hope they do the same for you. They are light and fun with splashes of intrigue, wisdom, adventure and laughter too.

My characters are beautifully illustrated by the very talented Stephanie Wood www.facebook.com/StephanieWoodIllustration www.stephwoodIllustration.co.uk  Stephanie has captured the essence of my stories magnificently and has brought my characters to life in magical ways.

My first book is a short story called ‘How the fox got her gloves’ about Fifi the Fox, a master weaver of nature. You can read more about Fifi and how to buy by clicking on the book below.

Bertha Bear is a character from a new book due out soon. Bertha is an Energy Medicine Mother Bear, with a big heart and a huge knowledge of the wisdom of flowers, nature and all sorts of unusual and interesting things. Bertha is always making her own flower essences and magic blends. Bertha Bear’s Magic Mixes – my special flower essence combinations to help sensitive children manage life in today’s busy world – can be found by clicking here.

I also write a regular blog sharing my passion for flower essences, the wisdom of flowers, flower farming, nature’s library of healing intelligence, and about the importance of understanding the essence of who we are and the essence of nature for the future of life on Earth. You can read my latest blog by clicking here.

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