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2022 One-to-One Workshops

One day workshops in Kent

This year I am focusing on one-to-one workshops, to offer in-depth teaching about the wisdom and healing power of flowers and nature, flower essences and flower therapy for 21st Century life. These days are tailored to your personal interests in this field.

My bespoke workshops will deepen your relationship with flowers, inspiring you with a new understanding and appreciation of the flowers you know and love, grow and style, with simple flower therapy ways for your own, your family, your clients and customers well-being.

Everyone is welcome: those with a love of flowers and a passion for working with them, or simply an enjoyment of their beauty and a curiosity to explore new floral horizons. Floral designers, floral stylists, therapists, flower farmers, anyone who loves flowers, grows flowers and who wants to understand there is so much more going on in the flowers they love than meets the eye.

Click here to read about topics you can choose from for your bespoke workshop and to pay for your day. I recommend you choose a maximum of two or three topics. Contact me at: hello@shelleysishton.com for a date and to confirm the final content of your workshop.

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Flower Therapy Flower Medicine Ways from around the World Arranging Flowers with Spirit Flower Essences Meditation and Flowers Some of the topics I offer