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The Flower Therapy Foundation

The Flower Therapy Foundation presents online and in person education, information and training to understand the essential connection between humans and the spirit of flowers and nature, and the importance of this connection for the present and future well-being of ourselves and our planet. We share practical ideas about how to embrace Flower Therapy in your everyday life, and as part of your own professional work with flowers through:

What is flower therapy?

Simple, practical, effective ways to engage with, and experience, the healing potential of flowers to enhance well-being, covering areas such as:

I have studied and practiced flower essence therapy for 27 years. During this time I became fascinated to explore the way our ancient and indigenous cultures revered flowers not just for their beauty, but for their healing potential, their wisdom, and how they embraced flowers as an important part of everyday life. Flowers have been used as sacred medicine by ancient cultures and Wise Elders of this Earth for millennia – their medicine being that which strengthens our connection with the spirit of nature to improve our personal and planetary well-being. The Ancients took healing with flowers very seriously. Indigenous cultures around the world today still have a deep respect for the wisdom of nature and what nature can teach us.

My flower essence practice changed 5 years ago when my husband and I began to grow British flowers in our 2 acre garden, creating our own flower therapy farm. With my knowledge of the healing essence of each garden flower, I created posies and bouquets for neighbours, friends and clients, each time creating a living flower medicine blend. This developed into intuitive, nature-inspired floral design for weddings, events and special occasions.

With our world becoming increasingly chaotic, and with mental illness and stress taking hold across all age groups, the simplicity of looking at flowers, and being with flowers, can be overlooked as therapy. Flowers speak a language our soul understands. We are instinctively drawn to the flowers we love, even though we most often have no idea there is a hidden healing language within nature which calls to us. Flowers are part of our every day, in every country. Whenever we engage with flowers, we feel better. Happier. Lighter. The world just seems more joyful when flowers are around.

If any of our Flower Therapy ways inspire you just a little (or a lot!) to reconnect with nature and your own wise inner nature, the world begins to take a different turn, one flower inspiration at a time.

Bespoke training for professionals who want to integrate Flower Therapy into their own practice, or their own work with flowers and floral design, for themselves, their family, their clients. Contact Shelley 07597 738412 or hello@shelleysishton.com to discuss your interest.

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