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I have put together 5 simple tools to help ease anxiety naturally. These are proven tools, techniques and essences which come from working with clients of all ages and backgrounds during my 20 years of intuitive life coaching and personal mentoring.

A bit of background first.

On average, you have 60,000 thoughts a day. Your thoughts are energy. Where the mind goes, the body follows. What you are thinking gives life to your emotions, and ultimately becomes your reality. Every thought, every word, has a creative force to it. My clients would often here me say to them, 'Energy flows where attention goes.' We fuel our emotions with repetitive thinking. Our emotions are an intelligent language, giving us constant feedback on where our thoughts are.

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Anxiety most often comes from subtle, niggling thoughts which we repeat, consciously or unconsciously, over and over, like a corrupted software programme, giving us the feeling of being anxious, or sad, fearful, unhappy, ill at ease, angry, lost.

Anxiety all too easily becomes an amorphous fog of simply feeling out of control, of living in fear. Fear and anxiety blot out our ability to connect with our intuitive self, the part of us which flies like an eagle over the vista of our whole life and invites us to 'come this way, it's the easy, peaceful, happy path'. Instead, we take on belief systems and ways of thinking from our family, from our schooling, from religion, from society, which do not make us feel good about ourselves and our life.


November 2019 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832) and his Theory of Colour believed colour influenced our emotions greatly. Notice which flower colours you are drawn to here. Our Calendula meadow - a flower essence to make you feel “Ahhh, that’s better”.

And therein lies the clue. With our emotions being the bridge between mind, body, and spirit, our emotions are an essential feedback system to tell us where our predominant thoughts are in relation to our intuitive self. Intuition, gut instinct, connection to higher self, higher consciousness – call it whatever you want - just know that you are not your mind – you are so much more. And you are in control of what you think, all the time, despite the fact your mind may insist on telling you otherwise.

I used to ask my clients this question “What percentage of your thoughts, on an average day, are focusing on uplifting, happy, creative, positive, peaceful thinking?” Ask yourself this question right now….and hear the first (intuitive) answer which comes to you without thinking about it. Clients would state anything from 2% in extreme anxiety, to 50%. Very, very rarely anything above this.


Let's look at this in energy terms. 60,000 thoughts a day, each thought a powerful creative force which is either aligned with your intuitive mind and higher conscious self – or is in conflict with this part of you. 2% of feel good thoughts means 98% of your thinking day is spent on thoughts which fuel your anxiety. That's 58,800 thoughts out of 60,000 fuelling feelings of fear and false ideas about yourself and your life which leave you feeling anxious. That's a huge amount of energy keeping you on the hamster wheel of repetitive anxious thinking.

How do you change this weight of thinking, to start feeling less anxious? Here goes (click on the pictures for essence details and to buy):

1. Pressing the Pause Button.

This is a technique I introduce clients to when anxious thoughts begin to race towards overwhelm. Stop whatever you are doing, press an imaginary pause button on your train of thinking, BREATHE deeply and slowly while using a word e.g. Calm, for at least 10 breaths. Choose a single word which your mind and body will recognise as soothing, to break a pattern of thinking. Repeat the process over and over as necessary, until you feel calm. Doing this creates a space in your mind to think a new thought and stops the self-destructive, anxious thinking path you were heading down.

January 2020 Colourful flowers uplift your mood just by looking at pictures of them. This posy features Light Pink Rose at its heart which is our top essence for anxiety. Click here for full details about this essence. April 2020 July 2020

2. STOP! Breathe.

Either when anxious feelings begin to niggle, or in the depths of anxiety, STOP whatever you are doing, just STOP. Take a deep breathe. I mean really deep, in through your nose, so deep you feel your belly and lungs expanding. If you cannot feel your breath reaching belly or lungs, remember, where the mind goes the body follows. Anxious thoughts tighten the body. So STOP whatever you are doing, and keep taking ever longer, slower deep breaths in through your nose, and then breathe out through your mouth. Some clients began to feel very anxious when driving. Obviously you cannot STOP driving, unless you can pull over to the side of the road. If you have to keep driving because of the type of road you are on, you can still BREATHE DEEPLY, with purpose and intention. Bring in Pressing the Pause button too, to stop thoughts racing. Say a word which resonates calm and peace through mind and body, while BREATHING DEEPLY.

3. Use flower essences.

Flower essences dissolve interfering, destructive patterns of thinking. They are the energetic signature of a flower or element of nature captured in water and are most usually taken as oral drops under the tongue (where a number of meridian points meet). Harley Street physician Dr Edward Bach www.bachcentre.com rediscovered the ancient practice of flower essences in the 1920s, to help mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. He created the 38 Bach Flower Remedies, of which Rescue Remedy is the most well known in the UK. Today, thousands of essences are produced around the world. Flower essences are used by millions, daily, to manage the many stresses of modern life. After studying Vibrational Medicine with Clare G Harvey – international teacher and author of many books on flower essences – I began producing my own flower essences in 2003. Chaos to Calm is my own blend to use in times of emergency, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, challenging times.

4. Choose an affirmation to change the Super Tanker direction.

In her first book 'You can heal your life' the late, great Louise Hay* says 'A thought is just a thought, and a thought can be changed.' Often I would hear my clients say “I feel powerless, there is nothing I can do/change.” Remember – you are in control of your own thoughts - every single one of them. And if your own thoughts leave you feeling anxious, it's time to become a conscious observer of your own thinking and become aware of what you are thinking. Then start with changing one thought. Just one to begin with.

Becoming conscious of your own thinking can be a challenge to start with – explore the work of Eckhart Tolle and his library of books and videos for inspiration on how to do this www.eckharttolle.com When you know WHAT you are thinking, you can decide if you want to keep thinking the same way, or make a change.

Read 'You can heal your life' too by Louise Hay. She recommends working with an affirmation to break a pattern of thinking. An affirmation is a statement of positive change which can overwrite the destructive software programmes your mind is used to running. For example, the thought 'I am useless at this' can become 'I am willing to believe I can do this'. The affirmation has to be something you resonate with, and is believable to you right now. I used to tell my clients, imagine your thoughts are driving forward like a super tanker on a set course. If you try to change the direction of the super tanker in one manoeuvre, you create a tidal wave of chaos. First you have to slow the super tanker down. Sometimes you need to bring it to a full stop. Take one small step to start slowing down the anxious direction of your thinking.

*The late Louise Hay: multi-million selling author of mind body well-being books, international teacher and speaker.

5. Engage with music, laughter, flowers and nature to shift energy.

Distract your mind with sights, sounds and laughter to uplift you and shift your energy. Play music you enjoy, music which makes you smile and feel good. Move, dance, sing along. Your mind may want to protest like a petulant child and hold you in the anxious frequency. Keep dancing, moving and singing anyway. Remember, you are in control of your thoughts. You can change your thinking energy and thinking patterns at any time.

Go out in nature, go for a walk, listen to sounds of nature, look at colourful flowers. If you cannot actually be outside, look at pictures of flowers and nature, it will have the same effect on your well-being.

And laugh. Find something to laugh about. Children laugh around 400 times a day. Adults, roughly 4 times a day. Laughter is free medicine and changes your energy in an instant.

Look at our Instagram posts for The Flower Therapy Foundation https://www.instagram.com/theflowertherapyfoundation/ for more flower pictures and useful information and ideas to uplift mind, body, heart and soul at any time through the healing power of flowers.

Sweet Peas hold the essence of joy. Roses share peace and love.

Bergenia essence helps reoxygenate your entire system.

White Cherry Blossom essence for purity, simplicity. For overcomplicated states of mind.

Chaos to Calm essence to use in times of emergency, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, challenging times

A soothing, healing balm of an essence to uplift your energy.

A wash of wisdom to awaken you from the confines of the human mind into the awakened consciousness of Universal Wisdom.

The laughing flower essence. To lighten things up.

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