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It has become a tradition of mine to create a flower arrangement which reflects the turn of the seasonal wheel. For the Autumn Equinox, I was guided to create a rainbow of flowers, a journey through the chakras from red (root chakra, grounding and feeling safe) to orange (sacral chakra, creative expression) yellow (solar plexus chakra, personal power) green/pink (heart chakra, love) blue (throat chakra, voicing your truth) indigo (3rd eye chakra, intuition and soul vision) to purple (crown chakra, connection to Great Spirit and the soul of nature).

Also, at each equinox and solstice, I take extra time to be quiet amidst the nature of our garden, to reflect over the previous few months events, take stock of what we have achieved and time to consider what we may do differently, change, or let go of.

It has been a chaotic time in the world around us, and for many, equally chaotic on a personal level. Taking flower essences is an enormous support at any stage of life, especially when you find yourself getting lost in mental and emotional confusion. Essences help you find clarity, peace, lightness of mind, heart and spirit. When you begin to lighten the burden of feeling weighed down by your own thoughts and emotions, you naturally find solutions to situations and problems you cannot otherwise see, feel or hear intuitively.

These essences in particular have been very helpful to us personally over the last few months, during which time we have been supporting immediate family and our beloved pack through their own health and life challenges (click on the essence picture for more details and to buy):

January 2019 Autumn Equinox rainbow arrangement February  2019 A bouquet of our late summer flowers A selection of our best-selling flower essences, click on the picture to find out more about our flower essences March 2019 April 2019 May 2019

For use in times of emergency, stress, anxiety and overwhelm

“Heaven sent.” For anxiety

To feel unshakeable belief

Being ‘home’ with yourSelf

A great support for challenging situations

June 2019

At this year’s Kent County Show we chose our own theme of ‘Flower Therapy’ for our large flower display, and were thrilled and delighted to be awarded Silver Gilt by judge Jim Buttress. Bringing our love of flowers and flower essences together in our display, Shelley also gave a number of talks about Flower Therapy. Click on the picture to read more about our winning entry in the Garden Life Marquee at the 2019 show.

Kent County Show 2019

Using the organic seasonal flowers we grow, our bouquets, posies and floral arrangements embrace the wisdom of British flowers to create living flower essence blends. Over the summer we welcomed a very lovely lady and her beautiful mum to our garden flower farm for her 40th birthday celebration. Walking quietly round the garden, I invited her to choose the flowers which made her feel best, knowing that we are drawn to flowers we intuitively love, even need. She ended up with a rainbow of flowers singing to her, with a very personal theme and meaning.

Birthday bouquet chosen intuitively by a guest visitor Funeral tribute flowers created as a summer flower bed in bloom

Every stage of life is a celebration, even the passing of a loved one. I was asked to create a floral tribute for the funeral of a gentle lady who loved soft pinks and light summer shades. I was guided to create an arrangement which looked like a summer garden flower bed in full bloom. Full of seasonal flowers in pastel and calming shades, I used sustainably sourced moss as a natural base for the 4ft arrangement. I began creating the arrangement in the dawn light with birdsong accompanying each flower being placed intuitively, feeling a soft and loving energy present throughout the time I spent on the design. I was very pleased the family loved it too for their dear mum.

Flowers speak a language our soul understands

Flowers are so much part of our life at every stage, and I feel privileged to bring the wisdom of flowers into every creation. For me, it adds the dimension of Great Sprit and creates the deep soul connection between people and nature, an essential connection our entire planet is seeking right now, and one I will be talking more about in future blogs.

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