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The warm sunshine of September continued through October, creating a beautiful Indian summer here in the UK. Hardly any rain at all here in rural Kent with temps up to 23C some days, even though heavy storms lashed other parts of the UK this month. This weather has boosted the flowers yet again, with cosmos, dahlias, zinnias, scabiosa, even a few sweet peas, all blooming magnificently right up to the end of October.

Meditations with Flowers Sunshine, Colour, Flower Soul Medicine and Flower Arches. About My Rural English Garden Nature’s wisdom from my rural English garden: January 2018 October gathering from our flower farm.

I still get immense joy from gathering the flowers growing on our little flower farm to create all sorts with. I pick them intuitively each time, then look at what I’ve collected to see the essence meanings which have come together. In this picture, the flowers are singing these tunes: Sweet Peas for joy. Cosmos for inspiration. Scabiosa for unity. Roses for love and soul expression. Zinnia for childlike joy and glee. Dahlias to get into your soul groove and take a leap of faith.

Finding my love of growing flowers after so many years of working with flower essences is deep soul medicine for me. It restores a sense of peace and well-being, no matter what is going. It expands my awareness, brings me in to a space of inspiration and clarity, of receiving new ideas, of feeling aligned. It gets me out of my head. It relaxes my body (where the mind goes, the body follows).

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Growing flowers, being with flowers, arranging flowers is mindfulness in action, or rather, ‘soulfulness’ as I like to call it. Humanity may not be consciously aware of how much they are missing this soul link, but the increase in mental illness, in physical dis-ease, stress and social chaos is certainly offering a big wake up call. While humanity escalates towards a tipping point of being out of alignment, nature waits patiently, holding the soul notes people are searching for to remember their own light, joyful soul tunes, rather than the heavy and painful tunes of their ancestors.

May 2018 Rudbeckia Goldstrum bed shining. Cosmos growing in sunlight. June2018

Flowers are like tuning forks, each one capable of bringing us back ‘in tune’ with our own wise essence (‘essence’ meaning spirit, core, heart). Flowers are much more that pretty pretties to look at. We have plans to bring flower medicine alive in new ways which will have real medicine meaning for people (medicine being that which connects us with the Great Spirit and wisdom of nature and the essence of ourselves – the medicine of our ancient cultures, indigenous peoples and wise Elders of our Earth), watch this space…

Being open to receive information of a higher vibrational nature.

To get back into your own soul groove.

For joy.

Being ‘home’ with yourself.

August 2018 The autumn view from my meditation spot by our pond. This special place is under our maple tree, from which Maple Flower essence was created.

Soothing, healing energy for whatever ‘ails’ you.

Red dahlia arrangement singing. September 2018 Our Cherry Tree welcomes you at our main gate. From an abundance of pink blossom in spring to rich orange tones in autumn, what a tree! Blue skies in October keeping our grapevine and climbing red rose company.

Flower Medicine Arch. I had the great pleasure of creating this glorious seasonal flower arch with the very lovely Sheila Hume of www.bluehenflowers.com We shared greenery in autumnal shades from both gardens, with her giant dahlias (Labyrinth being a new favourite of mine, what a great name too!) to garland her garage! Sheila was then taking the arch to a local wedding fair in her village of Benenden. It will light up the village hall, no doubt about that. And be singing boldly to one and all! Thank you, Sheila, for the creative experience, a joyful sharing of two flower souls.

Seasonal flower arch with Labyrinth Dahlia inset.

Finally, enjoy the flower essences talked about above. As always, click on the picture for full details and to buy your essences from our flower essence website:

Blossoming in time with the seasons.

To appreciate your own divinity.

For inspiration.

See our dedicated website for all our essences


The colours of autumn have been spectacular this year. With the October sunlight creating a warm glow, the trees have been shimmering in shades of red, burnt orange and golden yellow. Enjoy some of our October garden farm scenes:

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