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The light has been amazing during late Summer and early Autumn, showcasing our vibrant flowers in all their glory.

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From our glorious dahlias, meadow flowers, jam jar posies and bouquets, to our flower essences, flower displays for local talks and some stunning sunsets, our early Autumn has been full of colour.

November 2019 Dahlia display, part of an Autumn urn arrangement. January 2020 Our Cosmos Purity and EarthWalker Sunflowers backlit by an October sunset. April 2020 July 2020 September 2020 November 2020 January 2021 February 2021 April 2021

Breathe slowly and deeply for just a few minutes, allowing busy thoughts to have their space then refocus your mind on your gentle breathing. Imagine the part of your body which is dressed with your flower gradually relaxing while you continue to breathe deeply and quietly. Do this for at least one minute, longer if you can. Take a few final slow breathes as you reconnect gently with your surroundings. Place your flower gently somewhere in nature to complete the process.

Repeat daily or as often as you can, and if you cannot get a real flower to use, a few drops of a flower essence placed topically will also help. Also, click here to read my earlier blog 'Meditations with Flowers'.

May 2021 Our best-selling flower essences this season. Click on the picture for our Flower Essence shop.

During November it is time to slow down and follow nature's inspiration, to prepare for the stillness of the coming Winter, and embrace this stillness in order to nurture ourselves on a deep level. After all the change we have been experiencing this past year, both personally and globally, it feels more important than ever to step back from the busy-ness of life and take time to listen to our own soul needs and soul guidance. Let the colours of our flowers and nature feed your soul and lift your spirits at any time you are in need of a boost from nature.

Paddy with Calendula on his solar plexus - our flower essence for a deep sense of relief and release. Click on the picture for details of this flower essence.

While it is sunset time for our flowers, we have plenty of plans we will be working on over Winter, and new ideas to share with you as we head into 2022. My personal focus will be on completing some story writing projects over Winter, as well as planning new one to one workshops and teaching ideas for next year and beyond, all focusing on the wisdom of nature, the healing power within nature, and co-creating gardens, flower farms and rewilding our Earth in partnership with nature's subtle realms for a new future to blossom – for us personally, and for our glorious planet.

Our essences can be found as The Energy Centre Essences @theenergycentreessences on Instagram and Facebook

See our dedicated website for our full range of flower and vibrational essences


August 2021 Magnificent dahlias. Our meadow flowers have been spectacular late summer and into Autumn. Shelley's Flower Therapy talk to the Shoreham, Kent WI. Two of our late summer bouquets for local delivery. Hmmm that orange dahlia just doesn't fit the jam jar arrangement! Frank shows off his end of season dahlia collection. Dahlias at dawn.

My YouTube channel has over 50 short videos of our organic flowers growing, some of my ecofloristry arrangements through the seasons, our Kent County Show display and 'meditation moments' in nature. With just birdsong and the sounds of nature as the soundtrack to each one, no talking, these are colourful little films to enjoy as the days become shorter and darker.  Just looking at pictures of flowers has a life enhancing effect on our physiology, our mood and well-being. Click on the YouTube icon top right on any page of my website to view my films.

Flowers for meditation.

During Chelsea Flower Show week which was held in September this year, I shared some simple flower therapy ideas on my Instagram profile @shelleysishton which can easily be used as part of your everyday life. These ideas may be new to you but are ancient in origin. One of the ideas talked about the topical use of flowers with meditation, a peaceful practice to embrace for yourself. Begin with a single flower head and place it wherever you are guided to on your body. This could be on your crown, 3rd eye/brow chakra, on your heart, solar plexus, in the palm of your hand, placed on your knee, or on a part of your body in pain. Do this is in a quiet space, away from technology of any kind, placing the flower actually ON your body, with an example as modelled here by our border collie Paddy to give you an idea.

Sunset sunflower.

Our new border collie puppy Frank has grown into a magnificent young dog. Clearly he has a natural love of flowers too.

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