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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the season which relates to releasing all that is no longer needed. It is time of gathering and receiving yin energy - known as a calming, soothing and relaxing state of being. As nature returns to quiet contemplation herself after the busy-ness of harvest and sharing of her abundance, it is the ideal time for us to follow nature's wisdom of letting go of all that which no longer serves us.

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This letting go may be a physical clearing of old clutter or a gentle health cleansing of your physical body and a review the foods which will provide nourishment and sustain you over Winter. It can also be a time to review destructive mental and emotional patterns which you have been repeating on the hamster wheel of a churning mind. Where the mind goes, the body follows. And our emotions come from our thoughts. Hold the intention to clear a mental space in which to be more in the present moment, for you to rise into a space of greater clarity about the possibilities of life going forward without the chattering, nattering fears and anxiety patterns filling up your mind. Autumn naturally invites us to take more personal time to become still, to withdraw from the chaos and drama being played out all around us, this year of all years, learning to listen to our own inner wisdom on a much deeper level.

November 2019 Nature's Autumn show in our garden. A display of rich reds, oranges and golds before the leaves are let go and alchemise to earth. Our Light Pink Rose essence helps ease anxiety, to experience stillness and peace.

Each season in Traditional Chinese Medicine is paired with specific organs of the physical body and their corresponding meridians. Autumn relates to the lungs and large intestine, both organs of elimination. Our lungs receive life giving air/oxygen and sovereign cosmic forces, and release CO2 waste and old, stuck energy. At least twice a day, take 10 very slow, very deep breaths in Autumn to release deep into your lungs and abdomen. Our large intestine not only releases waste and impurities on a physical level, a healthy, free flowing large intestine also influences our ability to let go emotionally. Unresolved grief, frustration, sadness, guilt, affect the balance of our large intestine and block our ability to let go – literally, on a physical level, as well as emotionally and mentally.

January 2020 An Autumn gathering of our dahlias, cosmos, achillea, wild carrot, viburnum bonariensis and hesperis. Our Lighter Life and Immune Support are good essences to use in Autumn. Find them both on our Essences for Challenging and Changing Times collection, click on the picture above to be taken to this page on our dedicated essence website. April 2020 July 2020

We have been sowing our hardy annuals and some perennials, with lots of new growth appearing almost daily. Our greenhouse is full of white and purple hesperis, wallflowers, agastache, cornflowers, nigella, sweet peas, Icelandic poppies, sweet williams, aquilegia and foxgloves to name but a few of the seedlings looking magnificent already.

Finally, as Autumn celebrates the gathering of abundance, our own Abundance Essence invites you to live your life from a state of fullness, richness and natural abundance beyond the deeply ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour which focus on fear and lack, adopted from your ancestors, from society, and from belief structures in mass consciousness. It helps you step off the hamster wheel of repetitive thinking which manifests 'the same old same old' to live your life from a state of fullness and natural abundance.

Our Energy Clearing spray mister. A great essence to cleanse personal and living space, and to use as part of an Autumn letting go ritual. September 2020

Mother Nature begins her return to seed in Autumn. She allows her seeds to fall into the earth to lay dormant for Spring, some choosing to sprout as tiny seedlings already for early Spring flowering. This is all part of the yin phase of the wheel of the seasons, with Autumn gently letting go, returning to seed and becoming still and dormant to rest again as Winter approaches. Do your best to avoid getting caught up in the whirling energy of the outside world at the moment. Follow nature's lead as mentioned before. Let go, release, cleanse, create space, rest, receive, nourish, relax, go gentle on yourself and breathe.


Many seedlings filling our greenhouse and our Icelandic Poppies close up. Transplanting wallflower seedlings. The tiny, delicate, intricate roots of seedlings are one of nature's glories to me. Our Abundance Essence. Click on the picture for full details and to buy. November 2020 January 2021 February 2021 Back to current Blog April 2021 May 2021 August 2021 November 2021 December 2021 April 2022