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In October we said goodbye to our beloved border collie, Ruby, after a sudden visible downturn in her health. She was 10 years old. I will, in time, talk more about her passing and the magical journey we shared during her last few days on planet Earth. For now, please enjoy how the flowers from our flower farm and our flower essences brought us all love, peace, even joy, as our little pack assimilated the unexpected news that our Ruby only had a few days left with us.

Flowers and flower essences were a support for us all – Ruby, her pack and ourselves – during this sacred time with her. We were able to enjoy unseasonably warm, sunny October days with Ruby in the garden she loved. When she started to find it hard to walk very far, we set her bed up by the conservatory door which was always open during the day, for her to hear the birdsong in the garden to soothe her soul while covered with warm rugs. We always had a jar of colourful flowers nearby for her to look at too. The harlequin sunflowers I had grown for the first time this year were in bloom at the time, and it felt important to have at least one or two of these beautiful flowers near to her all the time for her to enjoy their essence, especially as we had seeded them together.

January 2019 The flower arrangement which came together intuitively in memory of our beloved border collie, Ruby. See more about this later in the blog. February  2019 Just before Ruby’s cancer diagnosis I took this picture of her (left) with the flowers she helped to grow.  She loved her flowers, and right, she is modelling a flower collar I made for her. Harlequin Sunflowers, grown from seed, shining their essence for Ruby. March 2019 April 2019 May 2019 June 2019

How we gave Ruby her essences. Working intuitively, we would stroke a couple of drops of the essence she asked for on her 3rd eye and crown chakras. Sometimes we were also guided to place a few drops on her tummy/solar plexus. When the time came to use Buttercup essence, we would stroke it gently over her entire body, giving her a gentle massage, a kind of etheric light touch just brushing her fur with the softest, most gentle flowing movements.

Living flowers touch and heal the soul at such times of deep loss too.

I was guided to begin a flower arrangement on what was to be her last day on Earth. It was my own form of peaceful therapy, along with flower essences, helping me embrace the fact that Ruby was finally about to leave us.

October 2019

Ruby was a rescue collie (as are all of our border collies). She came over from Ireland with her young pal, Paddy. Paddy would lay close by her to the end, keeping her company in his quiet way.

Loss of a loved one, human or animal, touches the heart at such a deep level it is beyond words. Many of you reading this blog understand this all too well. Flowers speak a language our soul understands. Thank goodness for flowers and flower essences to help soothe and uplift sad hearts at this time. These are the essences we used, click on each one for more information and to buy:

Ruby (right) and best pal, Paddy.

Our Chaos to Calm essence was the first essence Ian and I used when we had the news about Ruby. We also gave it to Paddy and our oldest collie Sasha for the first few days too.

I dowsed for Ruby’s essences each day. At first, she too wanted just Chaos to Calm. She then wanted Peace Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, for profound, deep peace. We also had this essence, it helps soothe frazzled emotions to find the still point within, the place of peace and strength to carry on despite the deep emotions which threaten to overwhelm.

Bear Hugs was one Ruby liked to have at night. A loving, comforting essence to have. We slept with her at night so she always had company. Ruby had always slept soundly all her life. As the final days and nights went by, she would sometimes wake up, reassured to see one of us with her, and with a few drops of this essence as an extra support and comfort for her, she would drift back to peaceful sleep.

Amazing Grace During her last week, she asked for Amazing Grace essence which offers Angelic support of the highest order. This became the essence she had at least 5 times a day as her time to depart drew closer.

Bliss This was one I used nearly every day, and it is my go to essence when I need to feel realigned, to feel in tune with myself when events and circumstances around me are affecting my own sense of feeling tuned in, centred and connected with my intuitive guidance. I use this essence to hear my intuitive self when my mind begins to drown out the subtle senses which connect me with my own source of true wisdom and inspiration.

Buttercup was given to Ruby on her 3rd eye and crown chakra over the last 2 days of her life (we didn’t know they’d be her last 2 days, but it was the essence she asked for when I dowsed at this time on her journey of leaving). Buttercup is our essence to help cross the sacred threshold on a path of golden light. It is for major life transitions.

Snapdragon is an essence we have been using since Ruby departed. It helps lift a sad heart to lightness again, without force, allowing the deep emotions around loss to be honoured, felt and respected in oneself.

Ruby’s arrangement.

I quietly walked around the flower patch and garden with Paddy, choosing the flowers which felt right to be picked for her. I began the arrangement in the morning. Ruby passed away in the afternoon. We adorned her body with flowers from the farm and garden, all of which she had helped to grow. Her body rested in the cool of our conservatory overnight. The next morning, we drove her quietly to the most lovely, peaceful and respectful pet crematorium, called Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium www.petcrem.com I completed the arrangement in the October sunshine after returning from Cherry Tree, filling it with all the flowers I knew she loved. Each flower present had an essence meaning, with the flowers weaving together a carpet of light and magic from nature to see Ruby on her way.

The flower essence language in the arrangement I created for Ruby includes: dahlias to follow your soul path, scabiosa for unity, cosmos for inspiration, magenta rose to come home to yourself, rudbeckia to bask in a sea of gold, achillea to cleanse the etheric, crab apple to refresh the heart and ammi majus to bring everything together as a community. Finally, sunflower, which holds the essence of unshakable belief and to know anything is possible. Ruby wanted us to know this especially, for what is coming next on our own personal life journey.

All my arrangements are created intuitively, and it is not until I step back at the end, when I feel they are complete, that I see the story each one tells. This arrangement weaves a story which reflects our Ruby perfectly and leaves us with the knowing that the life we shared did indeed give her soul the chance to shine on Earth, and the chance to be herself, the free spirit she was and so wanted to be after a very difficult start in life.

Thank you gorgeous Ruby for all the joy you brought us every day.

And for the unconditional love you shared.

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