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Whole universes exist within the tiniest of seeds. From minuscule black dots vibrant red poppies appear. And from small acorns giant oak trees manifest. How is this possible? Is it down to genetics alone? Or is there some invisible force involved too? Seeing seeds grow is one of nature’s miracles which still fascinates me, and I marvel every time I witness these little pods of potential flourish into glorious blooms of all shapes, sizes, scents and colour.

Meditations with Flowers The miracle of seeds, the water element and nature’s rest About My Rural English Garden Nature’s wisdom from my rural English garden: January 2018 Tiny poppy seeds become fabulous flares of red lady bird poppies.

Our garden and flower farm flowers have returned to seed having lived a full and magnificent flowery cycle. In readiness for spring 2019, we have a greenhouse and conservatory full of seedlings from an early autumn sowing. These will follow nature’s guidance now and slow down their growth as we head deeper into winter, holding energy in reserve until the increased light and warmth of spring triggers them to take off and start growing again.

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There is a matrix of energy which connects all life on our planet. Although invisible to the human eye, this matrix offers a kind of scaffolding or specific, organised structure for life to unfold onto and grow into. Indigenous cultures, Elders, Shaman and medicine people who are completely in tune with nature have worked with full knowledge of this matrix for thousands of years.

Invisible fields of life have been researched since the 1880s with Michelson and Morley conducting experiments to establish the existence of an ethernet which filled the space between all living things. In more recent decades this unconventional area of science has been explored by scientists such as Dr Harold Saxton Burr PhD Yale and his L-field theory (fields of life), and also Cambridge scientist Rupert Sheldrake PhD www.sheldrake.org and morphic resonance - fields of inherited memory which determine growth patterns and behaviour.

Intuition. To hear nature’s finer frequencies.

For ceremony and celebration. To honour the sacredness of life and all its stages.

Unfolding potential according to the Divine geometry of one’s Soul.

For opening perceptual vision. For (3rd eye) seeing beyond current parameters.

August 2018 Seeds of all shapes and sizes, including (clockwise from top left) calendula, snapdragons, nigella and cosmos, which morph into these gorgeous flowers.

To walk into a new energy and close a door on the past.

Purple Hesperis seedlings growing beautifully. September 2018 This amazing book displays MRI scans of seeds, showing the extraordinary geometry and unique patterning of seeds invisible to the naked eye.

Nature is not random or chaotic, but finely tuned, highly organised and intelligent. When we take time to look and think beyond the obvious, the miracles of life are revealed to us. We just have to take the blinkers off, be prepared to step outside the box of conditioned thinking and consider that nature has more to offer than we realise.

To lighten your mind and mood on darker days.

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Acorns grow into majestic oaks. Achillea seedlings growing in the foreground with malope, honesty, sweet peas and snapdragons behind.

As the daylight hours become shorter heading towards the winter solstice, nature turns to rest. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter relates to the element of water and also to the kidney and bladder organs and meridians. Kidneys are thought to hold the wisdom and energy of our seed potential for life, with the energy of our ancestors residing in our kidneys. Water is essential to all life on Earth, with the kidney and bladder organs directly related to the processing and cleansing of our body waters. If we do not follow nature’s guide and rest over winter, our kidney and bladder energy reserves can become depleted before spring arrives, the season when we need to express the energy of new growth rising from within. Take time during the darker days of winter to rest as nature does, to review what is not needed, to listen to the potential stored within your own soul seeds calling for your attention to grow new plans, new ways of thinking and seeing life in 2019. Don’t wait until the new year, start some gently listening and planning now.

Traditional birthday beach walk with the pack.

November is my birthday month and always feels like a time of newness for me anyway. During November, I like to look back over the year, to celebrate everything that has been achieved, to consider what I would do differently or leave behind, and to tune in to the seed timing of my soul to get a preview of what I’ll be growing, developing, actioning, and moving on with for the coming year. Here are some of our flower essences which will help you do the same - click on the pictures for more information and to buy:

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