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My story with flowers

Great Grandmother Winch in Australia was a superb flower grower and arranger. Apparently, she wore a rose or other flower pinned to her chest, grown in her garden, every day. My mum and her sisters were brought up by Great Grandmother Winch who taught them how to grow and arrange garden flowers from an early age. The family was then based just outside Melbourne. With a more temperate climate than further north in Australia, many classic British flowers grew well there.

Great Grandma would walk the girls through every room of the house, making sure the flowers they’d arranged were perfectly on display and looked good from all angles.

My eldest aunt went on to train as a florist in one of Melbourne’s flourishing flower shops in the early 1930’s, while my mum started a career as an artist, retouching glass slides, and began to specialise in painting flowers and scenery on glass for the background screens in films (no CGI then!). My other aunt had a talent for intricate embroidery and created flower and wildlife tapestries.

Fast forward many years, and I’m growing up in a very rural village in Kent with a duck pond as the village roundabout. My mum has become an award winning flower arranger and an expert at growing magnificent roses with beautiful scent. And I’ve won my first (and only!) medal for flower arranging at the age of 8 in the village show.

Even though my own love of flowers has its roots firmly in ancestral provenance, it’s a bit of a mystery as to where the passion for exploring and sharing the wisdom of nature and learning ancient medicine ways with flowers stems from. Although I did hear my mum once say that a distant aunt of hers used to read tea leaves (apparently, with great accuracy)…

Or maybe, a seed planted in the garden of my soul before birth stirred into life 27 years ago. Once I had learnt to leave my ingrained scepticism behind, it began to grow and inspired me to explore things previously well outside my comfort zone. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The first step into the world of flower essences, energy medicine, ancient medicine ways and learning nature’s hidden healing language is now quite a few miles further forward.

And at this point on the journey, it is my joy and passion to bring the spirit of nature alive for today’s world in unique ways, with the wisdom, spirit and energy of flowers and nature at the very heart of everything I do.

How it all began

My story with flowers

Designed by The Energy Centre Aunty Glor in her 1st job at a Melbourne florist.

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