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If you do not have access to live flowers…

This is where flower essences are a major support. Instead of using flowers, you can place a couple of drops of a flower essence on your 3rd eye, on your crown chakra or on your heart, breathe slowly and deeply for even a couple of minutes with the image of the flower in your mind, and you will begin to feeeeel different.

People often asked me in the past, ‘How am I supposed to feel while meditating?’ I cannot answer that for you. Flowers and their essence are on our planet for many, many glorious reasons. In my work with flowers, I acknowledge their divinity and grace as soul guides for humanity. Flowers guide us to remember the magnificence of who we are and the potential of us beyond the programming of our ancestors. Everyone’s soul language is unique to them. So the flowers you love and the ones which call to you are unique to you. How you feel is unique to you. Let the flowers guide you to discover more of you, to remember what the essence of you feels like, to learn the language of your emotions and to address the balance of intellect and soul expression in your life.

WHENEVER I need to calm down because my mind is trying to assume control, or feel I want to get clear, get inspiration, need to feel refreshed, uplifted, lighter, aligned, I turn to flowers and flower essences to help me hear the guidance of my soul essence once again.

Meditation is a familiar word in our everyday language now. Not so long ago, it was thought of as ‘way out there’ and considered something that took years to become accomplished at. In my sceptical days, I gave anyone who mentioned the word a very wide berth, thinking that kind of thing was for hippies and weirdos, of which I was neither (at the time!!). How life changes….

I used to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes. I cannot claim that my mind was still the whole time even after 20+ years of doing this practice, as I would find myself sorting out the shopping list or thinking about what I wanted to cook for dinner in my meditation space. But I learned to accept that. And simply to have the thoughts and bring my attention back to the present through deep, gentle, slow breathing.

When I began meditating, many of my friends were attending Transcendental Meditation courses and other meditation practices. Never being one to follow the herd or conform to anything, I began with simply settling myself down in a quiet space, same time twice a day, focusing on my breath and slowing everything down. I certainly did become aware of just how much my mind was racing with thought after thought, an endless unrelenting chatter going on in my head, which my body was trying to keep pace with. My simple dedicated quiet time and slow breathing practice began to create space in my head to hear the conversation that was going on beyond the mental chatter – the conversation with my soul.

Our soul essence is always talking to us, 24/7, through our feelings. Feeling is a language we are not taught to acknowledge or understand in the western world. The more I began to give myself this quiet time, the more I learnt the language of my own soul. I learnt how to listen to the ‘me’ that is connected to all life, everywhere, through the etheric matrix of life. I still have a racing mind, and learnt it was never about trying to change that. Instead, I learnt how my energy works for me. And because I am the kind of person who has a million ideas a day and wants to get them all done at once, through my quiet time and breathing meditation I have learnt that my soul knows there is natural order to what needs to be done, and when – and if it needs doing at all! My feelings are my guide now. I know the feeling of rushing into something and attempting to get it created, done, out there, before the ‘soul time’ for it. My Magnolia essence expresses this perfectly:

My flower essences for meditation and to quieten the mind Paddy enjoying a head spa with calendula, borage and snapdragon Ruby with Borage stars shining on her paws

Here’s how you can meditate with flowers

“Doesn’t there have to be a purpose? An outcome? An answer?” Your mind may well ask…


Just a connection, which the flower will help you with. The connection with your soul brings the purpose, the outcome, and many answers. This may happen immediately, or after days/weeks/months of practice.

Paddy with Snapdragon on his heart chakra Paddy with calendula flower head comforting his solar plexus Paddy with nourishing nasturtium on his lower spine

For adults and children. Children have been using this successfully at bedtime during exams, and to feel more at ease if there is upset in the home or a life issue that their mind simply cannot find a way through. It is a good essence when there is a sense of overwhelm, chaos or drama happening too.

Takes you to the heart of stillness. “None of these things move me.” Seeing new horizons from the centre of stillness.

A wash of wisdom.

The doors of peace close around you. To be in your own temple space.

Slowing right down. To take stock of where you are. To stop rushing.

Perfectly in time. Patience.

This essence brings a sense of patience to the mind that has created layer after layer of self imposed control, such that the essence of being ‘in time’ has become distorted.

Magnolia essence helps you develop a sense of patience, letting go of the need to over control life or force something to happen ‘against time’. This kind of control creates pressure to achieve against unrealistic timings – timings that are set by the mind in ignorance of Universal time. Universal time works with the Divine Plan and has knowledge of everything at once.

In ‘perfect time’ means aligning with the Divine Plan and matrix of all life everywhere, so that you move from ‘linear mind time’ into Divine time, taking action in alignment with the matrix of all life everywhere through your intuitive/Divine mind.

Flowers and soul joy

Such is the pace of life now, I hear many of you laughing at the concept of meditating 20 minutes twice a day. And I have to admit, it is not often that I spend this time now meditating as I used to. For me personally, life has become more like a meditation. Working with the spirit of nature, growing flowers, writing and being with my dogs does that naturally for me. I guess you’d say I am living my soul joy, which is a meditative space in itself. When I find there is a lot to be done, I let my feelings, flowers and essences guide me. Meditation, flowers and flower essences have guided me to this place of soul (re)connection and self-expression.

Basil used to love meditating with the Bluebells Click on each picture for more details and how to buy

To gain just a few minutes of soul peace and inspiration in your day, regardless of what is going on around you, I encourage you to engage with flowers and flower essences.

I believe flowers speak a language our soul understands. If you are wanting to meditate with a flower, the one which catches your heart’s eye is the one for you right now.

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