Wearing our film producer hats, Ian and I produced this film commissioned for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Commonwealth song ‘Stronger as One’. The song was written and composed by my brother Robert Hartshorne www.ecg.co.uk and sung by the renowned English soprano, Laura Wright.

The simple message of the song is as relevant today as it was in 2012. We are stronger as one.

Featuring 74 extraordinary people of all ages – 1 year old to 93 years old - from the Commonwealths’ 53 countries, with some famous faces in there too, including the late great Sir Christopher Lee and Sir John Hurt, this film is a celebration of humanity and the connection we share at a soul level. As the chorus sings:

Heart and a soul

Shining as gold

Under one sun

We’re stronger as one

Treat yourself and watch to the end.

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