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On 1st April, very unexpectedly, our beloved Paddy Paws died aged just 11 years. A rare strain of canine flu rapidly developed into fatal pneumonia in less than a week. Such a magnificent boy, our Paddy is missed beyond words, adored forever and always in our hearts. We still cannot take it in. Thank goodness for our flower essences to help with the sadness, shock and grief, especially Snapdragon, which is our flower essence to help lift a sad heart to lightness once again especially after the loss of a loved one.

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Paddy Bear was a gentle giant, a big, fine, happy, majestic boy. He was the shaman of the pack, often sitting a little bit apart from them, observing everything, seeing everything, missing nothing. He loved people of all ages, loved all animals and meeting other dogs, and loved life every day. He was clear on his boundaries, highly sensitive to the energy of his surroundings and to what was going on in people. In the days of my Essence of Life coaching and our retreat centre, Paddy would often come in on a one to one consultation to quietly sit with people, offering a soothing, calming presence, especially for children, who adored his bear like size and fur.

November 2019 Our Snapdragons from which our Snapdragon flower essence was created. Click on the picture for full details about this essence to help with sadness and grief.

We have so many joyful memories of daily life with Paddy. Working at home all the time, Paddy and his pack of 4 collies were with us everyday, all day, and a big part of everything we did/do. Gracie – who joined us as a 5 year old rescue last September and learnt from Paddy for 6 months before he died  - is our sole work companion, for now.

January 2020 Our beloved Paddy Paws who died very unexpectedly 1st April 2021. April 2020 July 2020 September 2020 November 2020 January 2021

Paddy was our greenhouse helper. He loved being by our side, whatever we were doing. He especially enjoyed a quiet snooze in the greenhouse and was with me sowing seeds and tending our flowers every day.

February 2021 Paddy Bear, our gentle giant who loved keeping people company in my coaching sessions, and loved running on the beach too.

Seaside Paddy! He adored beach trips to Camber Sands, Winchelsea beach and Pett Level.

April 2021 My own personal flower therapy in memory of Paddy, his Spring bowl of flowers.

Paddy would always sit with me when creating our flower displays, bouquets, posies and arrangements. He loved being around flowers. I quietly created a Spring gathering in Paddy's memory, placing each flower peacefully and with love to create a colourful bowl of flowers. He may have had a magnificent black and white coat, but his character was full of every colour of the rainbow.

Flower loving Paddy.

Playtime Paddy! You’re never too old to play with a ballie.

As well as our Snapdragon flower essence for loss and sadness, our Purple Crocus essence helps emotions heal in Heart Time, not mind time. When we loose a beloved family member, human or animal, or anyone close to us, the grieving time is very personal to us. There is no 'right' amount of time to get over loss. Our heart must be allowed to heal in the time that's perfect for each one of us, not when our mind tells us we should be over it, or society tells us we should. Purple Crocus supports the gentle embracing of deep emotion, helping us journey through the stages of loss and grief in our own personal heart time.

When our pets loose a companion, they too feel the loss. We gave all our pack our Support essence each time they experienced one of their pack dying. They too will be missing their friends in ways personal to them, subtle ways we humans may not always be in tune with. Support essence helps them through the transition stages.


Offering Angelic support of the Highest Order, Amazing Grace is a lovely essence to use both for the loved one who is dying and for yourself personally. To know you are never alone.

When giving essences to animals, you can stroke a few drops onto their fur, add to their food and water, place on bedding. Our dogs have always taken essences from their day of arrival (all 5 border collies are rescues with very different pasts, see the-energy-centre.com/aboutourbordercollies.html) and have been very happy to drink a little water from a small bowl with their essences in.


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