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May came alive with buckets of colour on our garden farm. From pastel shades of blossom still in bloom, to the vibrant pink of Tulipa Barcelona (colour medicine for the soul), gorgeous tree greens spreading their leaves to form canopies rich with new life, to bright orange and yellow calendula, blue, ruby and pink cornflowers, purple and white hesperis, terracotta snapdragons, yellow and purple irises, the first orange, pink, white, magenta and yellow roses, astrantia, lime green alchemilla mollis too. Then there’s the blue nigella, forget-me-nots, the pink and white foxgloves, purpe camassia, pink geraniums, red geums, yellow, purple and pink aquilegia and deep pink lupins, with the very first few sweet peas too.

We had sown a lot of seeds last autumn in to have early spring flowers, because our eldest nephew Peter, was marrying the love of his life, beautiful Tess, on 25 May, and they had asked us to grow and create their wedding flowers. Their colour palette was ‘rainbow flowers’, just what we grow! And they wanted an all British, totally seasonal display of flowers.

When you sow seeds in autumn, nature is still in charge of what will bloom and when, even with careful tending and nurturing. As always, we follow nature’s guide, tuning in to her seasons and being guided by the flow of energy through the garden.

To calm anxiety.

The heart of stillness.

Wearing the wisdom of the Elders. Non judgemental.

January 2019 One of our May Flower Therapy posies. February  2019 Tulipa Barcelona still in bloom Seasonal posies full of colour for the table displays.

Early May bathed the buds and flowers in warm sunshine. Then a cold snap came along, with temps of 3C overnight for a few nights. With delicate blooms already on display, we were wrapping up the flower beds each night in fleeces to protect the flowers. All to the good, everything thrived and bloomed perfectly.

For ceremony and celebration.

Intuition. To hear Nature’s finer frequencies

March 2019

To feel “ahhh, that’s better”. For a deep sense of relief and release

To walk into a new energy, closing a door on the past.

Workshops April 2019 Bride and Groom’s table included colour pops of all flowers growing in season for a rainbow effect. The bride asked for the bridesmaid’s posies to be mainly white. I added colour touches of blue, green, purple and pink in each posy to match the colour of each bridesmaid’s dress, this one featuring cornflowers for blue. Buttonholes included Oxeye Daisies from the meadow, with this purple iris featuring in a couple of the marquee arrangements.

At the beginning of May, I sat quietly in the garden and asked for the perfect flowers to be in bloom for their wedding. Our garden has been chemical free since we moved here 15 years ago, and we have worked with the secret life of nature – her nature spirits and flower devas – for all this time and more. Not just in our garden, but wherever we are in nature or on the planet. Nature is our partner, and when we co-create with her rather than dominate her plan, incredible things happen.

Everyone always comments on how vibrant and alive our flowers look and feel. And how long they last. Our flowers bloom their joy because they love the way we work with them, and the respect we have for their beauty and the wisdom they have to share with us.

The bride requested a colour mix of everything in season, and this is what was created with nature for Tess.

Creating any arrangement comes from a very intuitive place for me. Knowing there was a huge amount of work to be done to create the long list of arrangements for the wedding (bride’s bouquet, 4 bridesmaid’s posies, 11 buttonholes, flower crown for the flower girl, 6 large outside and inside arrangements, 12 hanging posy jars, 3 leaf and flower arches, 9 table displays, bride and groom’s table decorations), planning and timing was paramount. I also wanted to give the most space and time to create the bridal party flowers, especially the bride’s bouquet. I know I have an unusual way of creating a bouquet or posy for someone. It is like a walking meditation for me, slowing right down, and always beginning with a single flower from which the energy of the arrangement builds as I walk round the whole garden gathering the flowers.

Tess’s bouquet took over 2 hours to co-create with nature. The first flower was Olivia Rose Austin with her divine scent, and her essence of calm to appreciate the beauty of life amidst chaos. From there, the energy flowed beautifully. And I am pleased to say Tess LOVED her bouquet.

Tess’s bouquet included roses, cornflowers, aquilegia, nigella, anemone, hesperis,  forget-me-not, astrantia, nepita, calendula, oxeye daisy, sage, orlaya grandiflora, borage, ivory poppy and alchemilla mollis, all grown with love for her wedding.

Here are just some of the essences in season in the garden in May, with many of these flowers being part of the wedding. What a wonderful support their essence brought to the occasion. Click on each essence for more information and to buy:

To feel light-hearted.

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