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March has seen changes in temperature from freezing to 19C. Our little seedlings have adjusted beautifully in the greenhouse with layers of horticultural fleece to keep the very young and tender new shoots tucked up and warm. Outside in the garden, spring truly came alive as we celebrated the Equinox. At the end of March the clocks slipped forward an hour into BST, with the last blackbird singing us their goodnight song just before 8pm as the light finally faded. Such a joy to think in just 2 months it will be light until 10pm!

It’s the time of year when seeding gets well and truly under way for our new annuals. It’s also the season when more in-depth weeding begins and soil checks are made to ensure the beds feel nourished and ready for when the weather warms up a bit more, to welcome the greenhouse family into the open air. We have a ‘no dig’ approach here, following Charles Dowding’s philosophy of not disturbing the soil (or as little as possible), so that nutrients, microbes, worms all the little critters who naturally mulch the soil keep on doing their work www.charlesdowding.co.uk

Our Spring Light essence is great to move on from heavy, stagnant situations and to spring clean your energy.

Charles says that in the wild, nature layers up her soil naturally, allowing leaves to fall and break down over winter with the worms and their friends doing the ‘digging’ work for you. So we tend to let fallen leaves lay where they are on the beds in autumn, even leaving some perennial flower stems in place to create shelter for the new tender shoots coming through in spring, to protect them from sharp ground frosts. After the Equinox, we can feel a change of energy in the soil here, and we begin to clear away the dead stuff for the new shoots to have space and light to grow.

To be uniquely yourself.

Becoming present.

Grounding. For feeling scattered.

For patience.

To be perfectly In time.

January 2019 Spring display of flowers from our garden flower farm that are in season. Signs of life in the meadow after its spring equinox clearing.

We have also been taking care of our oldest collie, Sasha, who celebrated her 15th birthday in March. That makes her 105 in dog years! We’re still waiting for her telegram from the Queen’s head corgi…. Sasha has always enjoyed time out in the garden, and even though she cannot walk anymore due to her severe hip dysplasia, we take her out for a carry round the garden every day, sitting down with her in a few favourite spots – by the pond, next to the meadow she watched us seed – for her to feel the earth beneath her paws, to feel the healing connection of her body on Mother Earth, to get warm sun on her body and feed her bones, to breathe fresh country air. And most of all, to make sure she still feels an active part of the pack. She loves to watch the others running round the garden. We know it frustrated her for a while, but now she leans gently against my leg to prop herself up, sniffing the air and soaking up the spring energies. It’s her own version of ‘Forest Bathing’ or Shinrin-Yoku – the Japanese art of immersing yourself in nature and woodland to heal and balance body and mind. We call it Sasha’s garden bathing time.

Bergenia, Sasha’s essence. Workshops February  2019 Seedlings in the greenhouse including Orlaya Grandiflora,  Sweet Peas, Malope and Hesperis. Narcissi Martinette on our flower farm. Hellebore flower bed. Our little fairy patch of wild purple violets .

We use our Spring Light flower essence at this time of year to spring clean our subtle energy fields, and to clear old, stagnant energy patterns which may be hanging around. Spring Light was created in the month of March and is a lovely ‘spring cleaning’ flower essence to use each year around the Equinox, or at any time when you feel the need to move on from stuck, stagnant situations, places, even from people you no longer resonate with. Click on the picture above for full details about this essence, and to buy.

Our lovely birthday girl, Sasha, wrapped up by her birthday bonfire.

This flower resembles the alveoli of the lungs when in bud, with clusters of tiny pick flower heads. The alveoli function to exchange oxygen and CO2. The buds spread open as the flower stem grows taller to display these beautiful bell-shaped pink flowers. The essence of Bergenia helps to oxygenate the entire system, energetic and physical. It helps to breathe in life to the full and is a good manifesting essence, helping to breathe life into something, a project perhaps, a vision, a creative idea, and to bring it into reality. I was guided to give it to Sasha after she experienced her stroke 2 years ago, and she has had it every day since. Twice a day in her water and on her food. I can feel it expanding her energy field and oxygenating her body.

Damson Blossom in flower in the garden.

A walk around the garden this month reveals these flower essences in bloom. Nature always gives us what we need, and with so much chaos happening in the world around us, these flower energies offer us their wisdom to rise above it, to not get lost in the madness and to remember our own essence, just click on the pictures for more information and to buy:

Soul connections.

Sparks Universal  synapses into life.

Being open to receive.

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