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There was a lot of talk at Chelsea Flower Show this year about how gardening can help people with mental illness. With our garden farm coming alive in June with so much colour and life, I share with you the power flowers hold to help us feel better - through their physical presence and their essence - also, why we started our flower farm, and the importance of flowers and nature for current and future well-being as the ‘medicine’ we are searching for. (Here I will qualify medicine as that which reconnects us with the essence or spirit of nature and the essence of ourselves.)

Meditations with Flowers June 2018 - The healing power of flowers, Dr Bach and Chelsea Gold. About My Rural English Garden Nature’s wisdom from my rural English garden: January 2018 Our flowers are full of spirit.

The healing power of flowers was rediscovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920’s. Dr Bach was a Harley Street physician and homeopath who was moved to look beyond both practices when some of his patients were not getting any better. His research with nature lead him to rediscover the ancient practice of flower essence therapy, and the original 38 Bach Flower remedies came to life.

Flower essences have been used for millennia by cultures who understood the healing spirit of nature, and who readily embraced the concept of mind and emotions influencing the total wellness of a person.

Dr Bach believed that dis-ease was the result of conflict between the mind and the soul forces. His philosophy was ‘treat the individual, not the dis-ease’. My own flower essence coaching practice, called ‘The Essence of Life’ fully embraced his approach, with my focus on each person’s life story. Every one of us is unique. Our thoughts and feelings are uniquely our own. And each flower essence blend I created for my clients was entirely unique to reflect this. If 2 people were manifesting the same or very similar physical symptoms or dis-ease, they still had very different life stories behind it. Their energy patterns, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, culminating in their life story at the moment of consultation always revealed a unique picture.

‘Treating the individual’ gave the space for personal topics most relevant to each client to come to the fore, with flower essences which resonated the most with these issues becoming clear too. Rather than explaining the healing quality of each essence for them to choose from, I simply showed pictures of flowers. Clients chose their blend by gathering flowers together which made them feel lighter, happier, clearer, more peaceful, less anxious, worried or stressed. And they were always amazed at how the healing quality of the flowers chosen were directly relevant to their problems when they read about them.

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Flowers and nature are the conduit, the bridge to reconnect, offering simple solutions to become whole again. Nature is the modern medicine we need to dissolve the deep conflict between mind and soul forces which Dr Bach talked about almost a century ago. We do not need to rationalise this. We all KNOW IT already in our heart, in our soul.

To become whole - personally, and as a global community - we can no longer ignore the existence of the invisible healing force, the life force, the essence and infinite flow of wellness which lives in nature, and in all flowers.

The mind alone cannot solve our problems. Without being whole, and a) acknowledging and b) allowing the connection between mind, heart and soul to become whole, we will continue to struggle.

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Flower essences are still relatively unknown in the UK. If people have heard of them at all, it is usually Bach Flower Rescue Remedy they know of. Yet in other countries such as Brazil, Australia, Germany, Holland, flower essences are integrated with every day medical practice, and even used in hospitals for emergency situations and alongside traditional medical care.

Flowers are part of daily life on our planet. Globally, we give flowers as a gift when people are not well. We think of them as a key part of life ceremonies such as christenings, getting married, or to celebrate a life passing. Flowers are given in memory of loved ones. To say thank you. To cheer someone up. To brighten a room. Without the existence of flowers on our Earth, we would be lacking an essential part of our soul.

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We set up our flower farm to bring the soul wisdom of flowers and their essence alive. It is one thing trying to explain a flower essence by showing people the essence bottle and letting them read about the healing quality from a book. Show them the flower, and where it grows, ask them to choose the flowers they love, the flowers which make them feel good, and a whole new way with flowers and well-being comes to life.

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Here are some of our June flower pictures: Table decorations, Olivia Rose Austin, our Astrantia beds, Gertrude Jekyll Rose, and some of our garden in early June bloom.

Workshops Our meadow in full flower, oxeye daisies galore to enjoy. The essence of this flower takes you to the heart of stillness. Click on the picture for more information and to buy. May 2018 Flowers speak a language our soul understands.

Flowers and all of nature communicate very subtly with us, all the time. Ancient medicine men and women understood this perfectly. And it is something I have learnt to understand too in my 25 years of studying and working with the healing spirit of flowers and nature.

No wonder there is so much interest in areas such as therapeutic horticulture and gardening projects for people with mental illness, stress related conditions and social problems. Being in nature and around flowers is deeply healing. As a society we may not realise just HOW healing it is. Nor yet appreciate the healing power of simply sitting with a flower, or under a tree, for even a few moments. Healing means to become whole. When someone is depressed, has intense emotional issues, their energy is fragmented and over focused on the extreme opposite of the peace and joy their soul calls them to look at. They are lost in their mind, at the expense of being able to hear the intuitive language of their heart and soul.

Each flower order I create is like creating a flower essence blend for a client. I begin with a single flower, holding the person in mind and heart for whom the flowers are intended, and intuitively let the posy, bouquet or arrangement flow from there.

And each flower order is unique. Because each person is unique. Flowers are here to make us whole again, by bridging mind and soul forces. Personally, and globally.

Our Alchemilla Molis in flower. Known as our Lady’s Mantle essence - for intuition. Click on the picture to buy.

Flowers From The Farm, the UK network of British cut flower growers, won a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show for their colourful, beautiful display of seasonal flowers called ‘Going to Market’. This was the first time a team from FFTF had displayed at the show. Headed up by founder Gill Hodgson, there was no corporate sponsorship involved, just dedication and passion, determination and flowers grown by members from Scotland to the Scilly Isles, Cornwall to Kent. I am proud to be a member of this thriving network. See my own page on the website by clicking on the Flowers From The Farm logo. To find British flowers local to you, look under the FIND FLOWERS in the menu.

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