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On 6 May at 5.56am, our darling Sasha died peacefully in our arms. Aged 16 years and 2 months, our beautiful girl took her final breath, closed her eyes and fell still. I felt her spirit leave. It flowed through my body as a glorious goodbye. I know this because I had the very same feeling when our first collie Basil had died, also naturally, 4 years earlier. Our death experience with Ruby last October was beautiful, but different, because she was put to sleep by our vet. Sasha, like Basil, needed no medical intervention. We shared the journey of her becoming a very, very old dog, tuning in to and subtly understanding her every need because we spent every second with her. Knowing she had a complete soul life cycle from birth to death on her terms, with her choosing when to leave rather than us having to make the decision for her, brings a very different energy to the death moment – for her, and for us. It was very sacred, deeply moving, completely peaceful and full of love. Not that it wasn't so with our beloved Ruby. But somehow, it was just very different. We could not have wished for a better death experience for dear Sasha.  

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Sasha was full of beans from the day she arrived as a rescue pup at 18 weeks old. We were her fourth home by then. She was born from a working collie line, was super bright like all collies, looked very cute as a puppy, and like all border collies, especially working ones, needed lots of stimulation. If their energy is not channelled appropriately, border collie pups will look to entertain themselves, which is when they can start to be perceived as being naughty. What they are telling you is that their massive brain simply needs action, all the time, they are asking for work and not being naughty at all.


November 2019 Sasha as a pup, on the day of her arrival 16 years ago, aged 18 weeks old. Sasha using her natural herding skills and with her favourite Ted toy.

We understood this in Sasha where previous homes had not, and from day 1, Sasha was busy from dawn to dusk, and then some! And chatty too!! She quickly became our duck and chicken herder, and helped with neighbour's sheep sometimes too. Always by our side, into everything, part of every day, loving a bally and a squeaky toy too, she helped sow every flower seed, make every flower essence. After surviving 2 strokes three years before she died and then not being able to walk at all for her last 9 months, she showed more of her Dunkirk spirit than ever, never giving in, still playing ball and being part of our outdoor life by us piling blankets and bedding into a wheelbarrow which became 'Sasha's Chariot', wheeling her round while we planted and mowed. She is missed beyond words, loved to the stars and back, and always in our hearts.


Sasha in her Chariot having a snooze under the apple orchard blossom.

I want to mention our beloved Paddy and his part in soul midwiving Sasha. Paddy is an active 10 year old collie. A gentle giant, Paddy was never far from Sasha. He was her guardian, keeping her company as much as we did. He was by her side with us when she died. He's like the pack shaman, quietly observing everything, taking it all in, reminding you if Sasha needed something, and giving comfort to us all. He would lay with her when she slept, sometimes sniffing her then going outside as if to cleanse his energy, then come back inside to be with her again. Beautiful to watch.

After she died, I walked quietly round our garden flower farm, intuitively gathering a posy to accompany her to the pet crematorium later that day. Each flower had an essence meaning, and together, her posy told a story of soul light, finding stillness and being yourself no matter what – exactly what Sasha was best at, and taught me to be the same too. Blessed are we to have shared life with such a bright spark to light up our every day.

During May and June we had the most orders we've had so far for local posies and bouquets. These were for all kinds of celebrations and reasons, such as anniversaries and birthdays which family could not attend, with family members living far away wanting special flowers sent in their place. It felt extra special to be making up each bouquet and floral gathering at this time. I put a post on my Instagram page (click here) about how I create my flower and bouquet orders, because to me, each one is a living meditation, gathering flowers intuitively with much love. Each order is picked and created in silence with just birdsong to accompany me, no noisy radios or music, so that I am completely immersed in the flowers, their energy and wisdom, to create a totally bespoke bouquet arrangement each time.

January 2020 Old lady Sasha. What a gal. Flower Medicine Wheel for a special family member whose funeral we could not attend.

End of May brought news of my sister in law's brother dying suddenly, aged just 61. Because of the lockdown situation and not being able to travel/attend gatherings in any number, at the time of his funeral, I was guided to create this flower medicine wheel in the garden for him. It seemed more than appropriate because he had spent many years working for the Williams Racing F1 Team.

I create every bouquet arrangement as a living meditation, gathering flowers intuitively, with love. A celebration of British Summer Flowers for British Flowers week, virtually. Click on the picture to see YouTube videos of my arrangements and flowers.

Mid June is the time to celebrate British Flowers Week, and this year – as with so many other occasions, festivals, and special days during lock down - it was a virtual celebration. I created some arrangements as my own celebration of British Flowers Week. Enjoy lots of my flower filled videos and meditation moments with flowers and nature on my newly expanded YouTube channel.

Jam jars full of summer colour. April 2020 Paddy laying with Sasha to watch over her as she sleeps. My own personal flower therapy – posy for Sasha. Colourful flower medicine – a request for colour from every angle for this special bouquet. A celebration arrangement of scented June roses, sweet peas and other summer beauties. A 21st birthday bouquet in pink and purple shades.

Our Oxeye Daisy Meadow looked more glorious than usual this year, perhaps because May was full of sunshine. It stayed in full bloom from mid May through to the summer solstice. Our oxeye daisy essence was created in this beautiful space. It is an essence to take you to the heart of stillness, from where new perspectives on old ways can be clearly seen. It seemed as if the message of this flower was needed more than ever as lock down continued, with people's frustrations and mental/emotional wellbeing becoming challenged.  And with world events in June highlighting the need for humanity – in the wise words of Bill S Preston Esq and Ted Theodore Logan from the Bill and Ted films – to 'be excellent to each other', flower essences are waiting patiently for people to wake up to nature's healing potential to reconnect with wisdom beyond race, colour, background, skin, ethnicity, location, religion etc to realise we are all one, to come together as one and rise above the chaos and separation the human mind insists on hanging on to. Being excellent to each other is a simple, beautiful mantra. Be excellent to yourself, to animals, to nature, to every human being. To our whole planet. To our universe and galaxies. Come on people. Love, love, love and be excellent.

Our Oxeye Daisy meadow.

Here are some Flower Essences from our extensive collection at The Energy Centre Essences to celebrate the summer solstice and to be excellent to each other. Click on each picture for full details and to buy:

The heart of stillness. “None of these things move me.” Seeing new horizons from the centre of stillness.

For conflict. Understanding all points of view. White Rose essence helps you see through the eyes of purity, beyond conflict, to understand all points of view.

To feel bathed in love and kindness.

Exploding and obliterating life patterns that persist and resist our attempts to change.

Everything comes together. Community. Working together. Cell harmony. A community essence and an essence of community. For working together, for group harmony, to connect satellites.

For inspiration. Cosmos works with the 3rd eye. Above the clouds of the mind, you can see for miles and miles. This flower essence lifts your senses and vision to see the big picture, new horizons and images you didn't even know existed.

A wash of wisdom to awaken you from the confines of the human mind into the awakened consciousness of Universal Wisdom.

Walking with wisdom through the sacred cycles of life on Earth from birth to death. To know life is eternal. The eternal OHM of creation in a flower.

The blessings and gratitude of Nature for those who work with it. To know we are never alone. This essence was created on the Summer Solstice weekend 2015.

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