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Ian and I have set up The Flower Therapy Foundation to offer education, information and training about the healing potential of flowers to enhance mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for 21st Century life. Also, to understand the essential connection between humanity and the spirit of flowers and nature.

With our world becoming increasingly chaotic, and with mental illness and stress taking hold across all age groups, the simplicity of looking at flowers, and being with flowers, can be overlooked as therapy. Flowers speak a language our soul understands. We are instinctively drawn to the flowers we love, even though we most often have no idea there is a hidden healing language within nature which calls to us. Flowers are part of our every day, in every country. Whenever we engage with flowers, we feel better. Happier. Lighter. The world just seems more joyful when flowers are around.

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I have spent over 27 years exploring the science of flower essences and flower medicine through the ages. The more I do so, the more I come back to the power and simplicity of the ancient teachings which all say that without the connection to the heart and soul of nature, without reverence for Mother Nature and her wisdom, we will continue in crisis as a species. Nature is calling us to co-create not dominate. Our Flower Therapy work helps people attune to their own flower soul, to their own inner nature, to feel connected once again. Most people have no idea what it feels like to be in tune with their inner nature. They have no idea that feeling is a language of its own.

Without this connection we will continue to work with half of ourselves. The mind alone cannot solve everything the world is facing today. Einstein was known to say that none of his break throughs came from thinking. They all came from inspiration. And what does inspiration mean? To ‘in spire’, to take in from beyond ourselves.


Flower Essences for well-being will feature in our workshops and social media. These are just some of our English Garden Flower Essences. November 2019 The Flower Therapy Foundation All of these flowers are grown on our organic flower farm, bringing nature’s wisdom to life as living Flower Therapy

Just looking at flowers is now proven scientifically to change our mood, to lift our spirits. Dr Haviland-Jones Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, conducted behavioural research projects looking into the effect of flowers on emotional health. Her results challenge established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day to day moods in a healthy and natural way, through flowers.

"Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy," says Dr Haviland-Jones. "Now, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being."

Cosmos, the flower featured in our logo, holds the essence of inspiration.

When spirit is mentioned it is often confused with religion. When I talk about spirit I do so in context of the indigenous peoples of our planet, who understand that every flower, rock, tree, plant, river, ocean, every part of nature is alive with knowledge, with an intelligent life force which waits patiently for humanity to listen. They talk about the Great Spirit of nature, with which we are intimately connected.


Maple Flower invites us to listen. Bergenia breathes in new life.

The way forward for our planet is to learn to listen to nature and to co-create with her. And to take our lead from nature and work in harmony with nature’s wisdom instead of imposing our way. Nature has the answers we seek. I have spent 27 years learning to listen to nature. You never stop learning. What I am inspired to do, with Ian, through The Flower Therapy Foundation, is to encourage our world how to listen to nature, and how to co-create rather than dominate our natural world, through the healing power and language of flowers.

Our flower farm in summer, where you can learn the language of flowers in person.

A major part of Flower Therapy will be learning the language of flowers and nature, so that you can remember your own inner nature which speaks the very same language. In the western world we have been taught to enable our mind to become dominant at the expense of our subtle, feeling, intuitive senses. Within these senses lies wisdom, knowledge, remembrance of the bigger picture of life, and of the answers we seek to solve our separation, our sadness, loneliness, unrest, anger, stress, fear.

Unless we begin to challenge and question the way things have always been, and embrace new thinking about nature, change cannot happen. This includes rethinking our view of spirit, ourselves, flowers, and our understanding of all of nature on our planet. Time to think about how a change in personal understanding can bring a global wave of change in our understanding of how to heal, how to co-create with nature, living and working together on this glorious planet called Earth.

The Flower Therapy Foundation

We will be announcing workshops and pop up events throughout the year, to learn Flower Therapy inspirations in person, for you, your family, your clients, also with the intention of deepening your understanding of the healing potential of flowers, and deepening your relationship with flowers and nature. We will also post more videos on Shelley’s YouTube channel in the coming weeks, where you can currently enjoy short films of our organic British flowers growing, our intuitive flower arrangements through the seasons, and some ‘meditation moments’ from our garden and bluebell woods, with birdsong as your soundtrack, for Flower Therapy in your daily life, right now. Click here:


We are sharing practical, simple Flower Therapy inspirations to engage with, initially through social media on:

@theflowertherapyfoundation               @TheFlowerThera1                 @TheFlowerTherapyFoundation

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