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We begin 2021 with a new name for our British cut flowers and flower growing, 'Essence of Nature Flowers' (formerly Orchard Oast Flowers). This name is partly due to a move we had long planned as a step towards creating our living flower pharmacy and other flower therapy ideas. It also links with our flower essences at The Energy Centre Essences and our work as The Flower Therapy Foundation, which we created to help people understand the healing power of flowers to enhance mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for 21st Century life.

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We have been taking part in the January social media challenge #flowerfarmerama set by three long established flower farmers and members of the Flowers from the Farm, the UK network of British flower growers and flower farmers, which we are also proud members of www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk There are 20 topics covered, including 'A day in our life on the flower farm', 'Who inspires you?' and 'The plant that has special meaning for us'. Our story unfolds on Instagram @essenceofnatureflowers to the end of January. Do follow us to read all about our flower filled life and our passion for growing beautiful, colourful, vibrant British garden and meadow flowers for cutting and creating our free-spirited posies and bouquets, and natural floral designs for special occasions, all expressing the healing power of flowers and nature.

November 2019 You can find our flowers on Instagram and Facebook @essenceofnatureflowers Find these as part of our January Flower Story on Instagram @essenceofnatureflowers

You can also find more of our glorious flower pictures on The Flower Therapy Foundation Instagram @theflowertherapyfoundation to lift your spirits and gain little snippets of flower wisdom to inspire you and to help you manage difficult times. In January, I've featured some blossom and tulip stories. Blossom flowers are often tiny and seem delicate. Yet they present us with an essence of hope, tenacity, of calm reassurance and of standing firm in lightness regardless of what is thrown at you. Lookout for early cherry and damson blossom in gardens and hedgerows near you. Take a moment to appreciate their reminder of the strength you have within to weather any storm or challenge when you align with the healing power of nature.

January 2020 A colourful welcome to January from our flowers and flower story on social media #flowerfarmerama Nature in her January stillness and inner reflection. April 2020 July 2020

Challenging as your mind may find this lock down, take it as an opportunity to follow nature's guide. Learn to become still, quiet, patient. Learn the importance of reconnecting with inner wisdom, and what this means for your life. Life had become so busy, overcrowded, mentally stuffed and overstimulated that you may not have even noticed how disconnected you have become from your own essence. Your feelings will be giving you the signs that this is happening. Fear, anxiety, stress, overwhelm are all signs of living in the mind and the mind alone.

Just maybe, this is a time when nature is asking us to remember the bigger picture of who we are. To remember we are so much more than our mind alone. To remember our inner potential for greatness, and our ability to embrace change and re-emerge with fresh energy as the seasons and cycles of our lives roll by. To not resist change when it is presented on a grand scale, but to move forward, rather than desire a return to the past and what was. And perhaps nature calls us to remember the importance of our inner nature, the wisdom we carry within at all times in the stillness and peace of our soul garden, waiting patiently for us to align and listen to this wisdom.

Wisdom is eternal. Knowledge is learnt. Nature's wisdom is eternally present and available to us. Begin with becoming comfortable with being still, with no noise around to distract you. Observe your discomfort and resistance to this too. Your mind loves to protest when a change to status quo is presented. Rise above this and become as nature – able to flow with the seasons without resistance. If you would like ideas and support to do this, I offer personal consultations, click here for details.

Hedgerow Damson Blossom and Prunus Blossom September 2020

Lock Down Wisdom for January. At the start of January, a third lock down was announced for England, with the prospect of this situation continuing well into early Spring. This is a very challenging situation for many, more so than the previous two lock downs where more daylight hours we available to exercise in and be uplifted by sunshine and light coming in through the window for longer. Long hours of darkness, especially for those living alone, can be very challenging.

Our general way of life and mind set in the Western world is still disconnected from the seasons and cycle of Mother Nature. January is a time when nature is at rest. Seeds and bulbs lay dormant in the soil, buds may be formed on trees and shrubs but remain tightly closed, and there is a stillness to the land which can be subtly felt, even in our cities. But to many, January is the month of new intentions, of diet and exercise plans, a time to forge ahead and get on with the new year. Not so in nature.


January sunset. Light Pink Rose and Chaos to Calm, 2 of our best selling essences. November 2020

Flower essences are a great support in times of change when fear and anxiety take over and when our mind cannot plan our future and know exactly where we are going and what will happen. Our two best essences for this are Light Pink Rose for anxiety and Chaos to Calm for clear thinking, a sense of calm, to feel protected, more peaceful and able to synthesise life experience and new information.

I have also started an alphabetical journey through our 104 flower essences this year on social media, primarily Instagram and Facebook. Our essences beginning with 'A' hold great strength, angelic support, transformative energy and wisdom of the goddess. Click on the picture of each essence for full details and to buy.

Abundance essence which helps you feel your innate abundance

beyond deeply ingrained patterns of lack and fear.

Amazing Grace which offers angelic support of the highest order.

Apple Blossom Goddess for divine feminine blossoming

and reconnecting with the Goddess.

Apple Crown To wear your own crown of authority. For self-confidence.

Aquilegia essence helps you review situations from the perspective of a Wise Elder, in a non-judgemental space.

Atlantisite crystal essence releases a pattern of duty

and feeling beholden to others.

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