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2019 heralds our 4th year of flower farming, our 16th  year of producing flower essences, 27 years of working personally and professionally with international flower essences and a lifetime of writing stories.

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October 2018 November  2018 Malope seedlings growing. October dahlia bouquet. December 2018 Just some of our English Garden flower essences created from flowers growing on our flower farm. Some of our colourful summer posies.

With two lovely family weddings coming up this year – nephew and gorgeous fiancee in May, niece and fabulous fiance in June – plus a return to the Kent County Show, we are delighted that the seedlings we planted in the autumn are growing well to give us a head start.

January always feels like a time of stillness to me. While the media invite us to rush into detoxing and getting active, nature invites us to remain quiet. Her seeds lay dormant, trees stand bare in quiet anticipation of what is to come and looking at the garden and earth with everything having died back, you’d never imagine anything will grow again.

A cold, quiet, January sunset in the garden.

Instead of looking at January as a dull and dreary month, consider her full of potential in the stillness and ‘deadness’ of her nature. Deep within the heart of her earth, new seeds are stirring into life. They cannot not be forced to grow until conditions are right and will follow nature’s cue perfectly. Which is why it is important to work with January and not rush yourself. Have moments of quiet to tune into the potential within, to your own soul seeds, and listen to what you really want to grow this year. Don’t get caught up in trends, should do’s and everyone else’s timings. Remember to listen to your own guidance and grow your life passions in your own time.

Starting our flower farm encouraged us to observe nature ever more closely, to follow our own intuition and to grow – and create – what brings us the most joy. After all, if we aren’t loving our flowers, essences and stories, how can we expect you to?

Some of our annual flower beds with cornflowers, malope, larkspur, poppies,  phacelia, ammi majus, zinnias, calendula, sweet peas and cosmos.

Our flower farm is set within an established rural 2 acre garden, with many trees, shrubs, natural hedgerows and a meadow area too. We grow beautiful, vibrant colourful British flowers through the seasons with much love from seed, offering whatever is growing at the time. Through experience, we have selected the best seed sources to grow bouncing blooms full of life to create free-spirited floral designs of all sizes, from a single posy to flowering a whole event.

We bring our love of flowers into every order along with my many years of studying the healing energy of flowers and the wisdom of nature, to create something completely unique for you every time, which is always completely in tune with Mother Nature and her seasons.

We grow our flowers using organic principles, so they are chemical free, wildlife friendly and vibrating with life force energy. We tend our flowers every day. We have watched every flower grow from seed to bloom and can tell you its whole life story. In keeping with our natural organic setting, we embrace eco floral design which means no floral foam, with our arrangements ‘as nature intended’, very flowing and wild.

Looking ahead, here is an idea of the kind of flowers we will be growing through the seasons. Narcissi and a mix of colourful tulips show themselves first.

We are blessed with an avenue of blossom trees along our drive, and blossom time in April is one of our favourite times of year.

Whispering Dream tulips. Sir Winston Churchill narcissi arrangement. Blossom avenue along our driveway. Blossom medicine wheel created to  celebrate the garden in springtime.

We also have lots of native hedgerow and wildflowers growing on our land, with a natural flower meadow which is at its most beautiful when the oxeye daisies are in full bloom in late May.

Summer on the flower farm is always a magical time with a rainbow of colour on display. We love scented flowers too, with roses and sweet peas being favourites.

Our oxeye daisy meadow in full bloom. A blend of hedgerow flowers and garden flowers in our spring table posy . A whole selection of our summer flowers for an event. Sweet pea bunch.

Later in the summer our rudbekia, crocosmia, ostrich plume asters and dahlias start blooming.

A selection of our late summer flower posies .

Depending on weather patterns, our flowers can last to the end of October and sometimes even early November, with dahlias, cosmos and achillea shining right up until the first heavy frosts.

Achillea Cerise Queen.

We will be running our unique flower workshops again in 2019. There will also be pop up events as the seasons move along which will be announced through our social media and in our blogs. Click on the workshop picture for full details, dates, prices and availability.


These were our best selling essences of 2018. They cover themes of overwhelm and anxiety, of feeling there’s a bigger picture to life with a desire to look to the stars, and of feeling the need for stillness and peace. Click on the picture for full details and to buy:

‘Heaven scent’ to clear the mind and heart of anxious energy.

For times of emergency, stress, overwhelm, chaos.

For sensitive souls who can feel overwhelmed by the world, by day to day life, by the energy of others, by technology.

If you feel you have crash landed on Earth by mistake, star flower borage lifts you up to the stars.

The heart of stillness. ‘None of these things move me’. Seeing new horizons from the centre of stillness.

We wish you a very colourful 2019.

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