How it all began…

I have always had a deep love of flowers, growing up in a garden full of scented roses, and helping my mum who won many awards for her colourful and unusual flower arrangements. Click here to read My story with flowers.

I began my flower farm after attending a number of courses with Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener of Great Dixter Fergus is very generous with his knowledge, and his passion and enthusiasm for gardening and flowers inspired me, along with the amazing book The Flower Farmer’s Year by Georgie Newbery, to set up my own garden farm where we live at Orchard Oast in rural Kent.

Small compared to many flower farms, I quickly learnt that organising the space I had and sowing seed batches at regular intervals provided heaps of glorious, colourful British garden flowers for months. I work entirely with the wisdom of nature’s seasons, so my flowers really are fresh and in season!

I began with selling posies at my garden gate, which turned into orders for all sorts. I had wonderful feedback, hearing that my posies were lighting up the local hospice and cheering neighbours along who were experiencing tough times. My flower medicine wheels began to be used for healing purposes as well.

And now…

I grow flowers which I love, and this inspires my natural garden posies and bouquets, my free-spirited floral designs and the many other ways I work with my flowers.

For me, a big part of growing the flowers is to have a way of engaging people with the energy and wisdom of flowers beyond simply sharing a flower essence in a bottle. Flowers speak a language your soul understands. The flowers you are drawn to have wisdom to share with you.

My love of flowers and love of sharing their wisdom comes together perfectly in each of my floral creations using Orchard Oast Flowers.

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How it all began

My story with flowers

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