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February in the UK has experienced unusually warm days, with 20C towards the end of the month. This time last year we were wrapping up our seedlings and some of our perennials in readiness for the ‘Beast from the East’ which delivered 30cm of snow overnight and left us with temperatures of -6C for a good few days.

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Is it really unseasonal? Or are we missing the point? Nature in our garden and around the UK is connected with all of nature on our glorious planet. What happens in one part of the world will influence another. Australia has experienced unprecedented rainfall this month with floods in Northern Queensland the likes of which have never been seen before. While in other parts of Australia, years of drought have resulted in millions of cattle dying in the extreme heat.

We are messing with nature all over the planet. Natural habitats are being encroached upon more and more on all continents. When we disturb places of nature which have been untouched since the beginning of time – places which have been left to create rich, diverse eco systems and which exist in perfect harmony with the surrounding areas - we affect the whole of nature around the world. While we may be aware of this because of what we can see, it is also affecting the subtle energy grid of the Earth, the part of nature’s intelligence not obvious to the human eye. If humans continue to wade into nature, in complete ignorance of the subtle laws of nature and in ignorance nature’s intelligence, then we ARE doomed.

Nature does, and will always, have the final say.

We are more at risk than we may imagine. Our beloved planet is a living, breathing body. And just like our own human body, Mother Earth looks to maintain balance, or homeostasis, at all times. When one part of her body is stripped of essential wisdom, nutrients, subtle eco systems and her library of intelligence wiped, she will respond with increasingly drastic measures to maintain her balance and to protect herself. Our own body carries billions – trillions – of microbes. Some good, some harmful. Microbial balance is something our body aims to maintain constantly, with our immune system in charge of wiping out the interlopers. We are like billions of tiny microbes on Mother Earth. If we continue to harm our Mother body, she will need to regain balance, as she has started to do with dramatic effect in parts of the world through Earth quakes, storms, cyclones, droughts.

Flower Essences by Machaelle Small Wright, and The Secret Life of Nature by Peter Tompkins,  a must read to understand the intelligence which exists in nature

This is the opening to my first book ‘How the fox got her gloves’. We do need to WAKE UP and realise the potential that exists to co-create with nature. The more we become tuned in to, and accept, acknowledge and actively work with nature’s intelligence, the easier it is and will be to survive. We cannot solve the world’s problems with our mind alone. The essential part of us – call it soul, higher self, supernatural self, god self – is always calling us to WAKE UP through the language of intuition and the language of our emotional intelligence.

I first came across the term co-creative nature, and co-creative gardening, while studying my flower essence diploma. Machaelle Small Wright, founder of The Perelandra Essences and Nature Research Center in Virginia USA www.perelandra-ltd.com set up a 10 acre co-creative garden to work with nature intelligences and to better understand ‘what nature knew’. Her 25 plus years of research is still ongoing, but her work ignited a spark in me all those years ago, with a dream to co-create with nature in the way she does.

Lady’s Mantle flower essence helps you tune into nature’s finer frequencies.

Begin in your own garden by sitting and listening to nature. To the birds, the wind, the grasses. Watch your flowers growing. Observe the trees, how they move. Get to know the feeling of each space in your garden, now matter how big or small you garden space is. A garden is ‘human-made’. But a garden co-created with the wisdom and intelligence of nature links all gardens with nature’s grand plan all over the planet. Before you consider planting something, feel the plant and where you thought you were going to place it. Does it want to go where it should according to garden planting ‘rules’, or do you feel it needs to be placed somewhere uniquely different in your garden?

Intuitively planted flower farm beds.

I will be sharing more about co-creatively working with nature in future blogs. And I will be designing some workshops around this subject. The more we learn to co-create with nature rather than dominate, the better chance we have for nature to guide us to the answers we seek for personal and planetary well-being, community, balance and peace.

Other flower essences to help you tune in to nature, click on the picture for full details and to buy:

To make essential soul connections with nature.

Nature is attuned to HEART TIME. Purple Crocus helps you tune into heart time and not force your way through life.

For revelation. To ‘see’ things just out of sight.

The Shaman’s flower. To ‘see’ nature as a flower does.

January 2019 Purple Crocus thriving in the sunshine. “We’re Doomed!” My first self published story book. Click on the picture for more details  about Fifi the fox and friends.

From her book ‘Flower Essences’, I found this comment from nature:

“It is not an exaggeration (although many will perceive it to be) to say that at some point in the future, the medical world will look to those who have established co-creative gardens to supply the pattern-infused solutions (essences) to be used within their own medical arena. These solutions will be recognised for their power, potency and their ability to get to the heart of the matter in order to return the human to balanced form. Do not underestimate the power and clarity that will be released from each co-created garden as it establishes its position of balance.”

How do you hear nature? I liken it to being able to tune in to a subtle radio station which is beaming out information all the time. You simply have to learn how to listen. Flower essences help get us out of our heads and ‘in tune’ with our own essence, which is ‘in tune’ with the radio station of nature.

We co-creatively work with nature in our 2 acre garden farm. We tune in to what to sow, when to sow it, even where to site new beds so as to maintain local balance in ecosystems. Co-creating with nature maintains balance, allows for planetary well-being for every species, and is the way forward for humanity and Mother Earth.

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