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August 2021 November 2021 As lock down 3 began in January, our Chaos to Calm essence and Light Pink Rose for anxiety were much in demand. Click on the photo to find these on our Alphabetical Essence List. February brought heavy snow and freezing temperatures to cover our tulip beds. Snow gone and our new no dig beds began to take shape. March seedlings growing fast in our very warm kitchen! “For Anxiety” added as a combination to Bertha Bear's Magic Mixes range  (click on the photo for full details of Bertha Bear's complete range). April was very cold, below freezing most nights so our newly planted out seedlings took longer to grow than previous years. Cherry blossom finally bloomed too end April. Our favourite Tulipa Barcelona and Unique de France began to open end April. Delicately scented white hesperis reaching for the blue sky in May. Boom! Tulipa Merlot, another favourite, opens fully in the May sunshine. Our no dig beds are growing abundantly in June. What a transformation in just 3 months! Tulips have been removed from the raised beds behind and meadow seeds sown. Our summer solstice, highly scented sweet pea wall. Look who joined our pack in July! Frank the flower farm pup at 8 weeks old. Frank and Gracie become besties in no time. They adore each other. Our dahlias begin to shine in August along with the meadow flowers we mixed around them. Our meadow flowers and sunflowers really begin to look magnificent in August too. Table display for my Flower Therapy, WI talk, early September. A rainbow of our September flowers growing. My Autumn dahlia, cornflower, sunflower and scabiosa arrangement is colour medicine for the soul. Dahlias and sunflowers still magnificent in the early morning October light. Early November light over our valley. Just glorious. 6 month old Frank has grown into a magnificent, majestic young dog! December is blessed with beautiful sunset views from our garden. Merry Christmas and the blessings of Mother Nature and all her helpers to you all from all of us.

Thank you for your support and interest in all our work this year, we really do appreciate you.

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