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We are in a temporary growing home for 2021, and as we simply couldn't be without our own colourful flowers for our own soul medicine, we created 3 large no dig beds (3ft x 12ft) plus 4 raised beds to plant our overwintered seedlings for Spring to then follow up with a flourish of summer annuals and dahlias mixed together for us to enjoy a rainbow of colour. And to ensure plenty of late summer colour, we have scattered meadow seeds from www.meadowinmygarden.co.uk in a couple of the raised beds where the Spring tulips grew, and in the main dahlia no dig bed too, which will all flower continuously to early October.

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We also have a wall of sweet peas for summer scent and David Austin Roses in large tubs to move with us. Enjoy a selection of our flowers growing and find out about their essence by clicking on each photo which takes you to our dedicated essence website for full details.

November 2019 Scented sweat peas, our flower essence for joy (click on the photo for details).

At the end of June we enjoyed a thoroughly wonderful week on the north Cornwall coast. Staying in a small mill house in magical Rocky Valley, which is situated between the ancient mystery of Tintagel and the magic and folklore of Boscastle, the scenery along the South West Coastal Path in this area was breath-taking. With plenty of rain in early June, the wildflowers were out in abundance to welcome us along the path. These flowers have some of the best views in the world!

January 2020 Summer view of some of our no dig flower beds. April 2020 July 2020 September 2020 November 2020 January 2021 February 2021 Calendula full of sunshine, our flower essence to feel relief and ahhh, that's better (click on the photo for details). April 2021 Our blue cornflowers, our flower essence to speak from the heart (click on the photo for details)..

We've been able to create a few bouquets for local delivery with our flowers, always for very special and personal reasons. One very touching request was for an end of life bouquet. Shelley was guided to create a rainbow of colour to light the way for the soul departing this world. And we have also been able to share our flowers with our neighbours too.

Dahlia divine, our flower essence to align with your soul's time and take a quantum leap (click on the photo for details).

Introducing Frank, our new family member. Frank joins us from the most loving happy home on a farm. He was one of 10 pups. His mum, called Lark, was so welcoming, trusting and gentle every time we went to visit her pups. Frank is named after his dad who very sadly died in a farming accident just after conception. Apparently he looks just like his dad, and was the only pup given his name. So we kept it in honour of Frank Senior who is no doubt looking after Frank Junior and all the pack from his place in spirit.


May 2021 A rainbow of our flowers for and end of life bouquet. Pinks and purples for a neighbour. Foxgloves sea view. Wild grasses, red clover, wild carrot and all sorts of wildflowers along the path and growing on the old slate walls. The path seemed to reach a dead end over the cliff. I'm not good with heights and had to crawl on all fours up the stone steps and over the wall! Foxgloves sea view. Meditation views, early morning, late afternoon and early evening. Gracie pawsing to take in the number of steps we still had to go down.

We visited The Lost Gardens of Heligan once again, enjoying the renovated glass house, the 9 acre meadow with views towards Mevagissey, the arched fruit tree walk in the walled garden and the magnificent sweet williams growing there.

And we visited Trebah Gardens for the first time. Trebah is a truly amazing garden, laid out in a valley which reaches down to the garden's own private beach (which Gracie enjoyed too). Very lush, tropical planting, delightful views and amazing energy.

Views of tropical Trebah Gardens. Frank, aged 9 weeks old.

Frank is our 6th border collie, and our first collie not to have been a rescue dog. It is a whole new experience for us knowing his complete heritage and all about his happy first few weeks. We could not have wished for a better mum in collie Lark and the very lovely Fleur, his farm mum, who looked after Lark and her pups with so much loving care. Frank is such a happy little chap and very settled. He and Gracie are enjoying each other's company and each day is full of new puppy delight for us all.

Frank has taken to his flower farming and essence duties with relish and enjoys nothing more than playing with an empty pot or two, having our Support for all Creatures Great and Small essence rubbed on his tum for comfort, and enjoying a snooze with Gracie close by. For more photo and video stories of Frank and Gracie visit their Instagram page @talesofcountrycollies

Our essences can be found as The Energy Centre Essences @theenergycentreessences on Instagram and Facebook

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