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Over the past year, our Light Pink Rose essence for anxiety has become our biggest selling essence, and seems to be a continuing theme for this year. It prompted us to create “For Anxiety” as a help and support from Bertha for when you feel anxious, scattered, overwhelmed, unsettled, stressed and you want to feel calm, clear and serene instead. For Anxiety is a blend of 6 of our flower essences, including Light Pink Rose. And remember, Bertha Bear's range of essences are as popular and helpful for adults as they are for children.

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We have also added our Energy Clearing 100ml spray to Bertha's range, and our 100ml Shield & Protect spray too. Both sprays have also been popular in the past year as part of our Spa Transformations range. With families spending so much more time at home together, and the home becoming regular office and school space as well as play and relaxation space, it may well have brought up conflict and challenges at times. Keep your own personal aura and energy space clear with a burst of fresh Energy Clearing on a regular basis, and maintain your own energy boundaries with Shield & Protect to help you feel safe, protected and grounded too while there are still so many changes going on this year.

November 2019 Two 100ml sprays added to Bertha Bear's range. Our Spa Transformations range. Click on the logo for full details.

Spring is a time of new growth, fresh energy, a time to move on from old ways and embrace vital energy coming up through nature. Our Spring flower essences capture the momentum of this energy and help you express yourself freely without feeling hindered by the past, to take flight and shine. Here's just a few of our favourites to help you at this time of year, all of which are growing in the garden and in the wild around us right now:

January 2020 Bertha Bear's Magic Mixes feature a new 30ml combination, 'For Anxiety'.  Click on the picture to see details of the full range in our shop, and to buy. April 2020 July 2020 September 2020

Inviting you to come out from the shadow and into the light. To take the stage and shine.


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The Spring equinox brought some very welcome bright sunshine and warmer temperatures which brought our flower farm seedlings on very nicely. We have large numbers of cornflowers in shades of blue, pink, ruby and purple, calendulas which will grow into vibrant orange and yellow flowers, lovely star shaped blue borage, wallflowers, white and purple hesperis, ammi majus and giant ammi Queen of Africa, sweet williams, to name just a few of the varieties ready to grow in the Spring light.

February 2021 Scented Narcissus Martinette enjoying the sunshine in the garden and wild white violets found on our forest walks.

For focus and concentration. For clarity and clear decision making.


For immunity from world thought. To be impervious to the effects of mass consciousness.

To spread your wings and take flight. A powerhouse of energy to help you blast through

lower vibrational interference.


An intense burst of Spring light energy to move on from stagnant situations, people, places or environments.


Our flower farm seedlings full of life and ready to grow in the Spring sunshine. Our healthy cornflower seedlings will soon grow into a sea of beautiful blue.

And finally, we have enjoyed some amazing sunsets in March, highlighting the beauty of tree skeletons just before they burst into leaf. Here's a selection taken on our local walks.

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