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Some customers have asked for essence advice around Coronavirus.  In response, I have been guided to create a new combination essence called Immune Support, which I explain more about below, and what it offers support for.

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Nature has a way of keeping herself in perfect balance. All of nature, all over our planet, is connected. The nature of the Amazon jungle is not separate to the nature of the outback bushlands of Australia. They speak to each other through an intelligent network, which humans – in the majority – are completely ignorant of. Yet her ways of communication have been in place since Mother Earth was born, and long before humans arrived.

On social media, on TV, there has been talk of these being 'uncertain times'. Are things really uncertain? Or is it a call for global change?

Nature has her own intelligent agenda and way of working – the planet is 4 billion years old after all and we have just been here for the blink of an eye at roughly 200,000 years. Nature exists in a state of balance. And because she is connected globally, if she is out of balance in one part of the world, nature counterbalances in another to create constant equilibrium – exactly as our human bodies aim for homeostasis at a physiological level.


November 2019 All of nature is connected, our garden communicates with nature everywhere.

First, I want to talk about the intelligence of nature, our immunity, and nature's wisdom in relation to the global impact Coronavirus is having on people.

My work for the last 27 years has been learning to listen to nature, and to work with nature, in the way our ancient ancestors did, and the way our indigenous cultures still do. These wise peoples completely understand that nature is a living, sentient being. Our whole planet is a living body, and we, as humans, run around on this body as just one of the species privileged to inhabit planet Earth.

Umbrella Cherry Blossom Essence helps you stand firm in lightness amidst chaos.

Many people have been asking for global change, shouting about the need to pay attention to climate change, highlighting the importance of protecting endangered species, and the issues relating to over population of our cities. Nature is ahead of us, as always. She responds in ways our minds alone cannot grasp nor comprehend. And yet, the greater conscious part of us which is linked into nature's intimate matrix all over our planet, does hear and understands her moves and decisions all the time. With the majority of our planet having no idea of how to listen to nature, nor of how to work with nature's intelligence, change is needed in ways people have yet to wake up to.

When change is forced upon us, we resist. As a species, humans regularly resist change. Yet nature changes all the time. She flows with her seasons. With day and night. Moment by moment fluctuations in her micro-environments are influenced by the immediate neighbourhood and changes far away, around the planet. Nature is completely connected and aims for balance, harmony, homeostasis as a constant. But still the human race resists change, even when we call strongly for it. Now that change is here, we fall into old patterns of fear, anxiety, all born of the thinking conceptual mind which HAS to know what is coming in order to feel safe.


Chaos to Calm Essence for releasing tension and fear in times of stress, for clarity, calm.

The pandemic has thrown millions out of their daily comfort zone into fear with projections of mental outcomes which do not exist, and may never exist unless we feed these outcomes with enough mental energy. Energy flows where attention goes. Our thoughts are powerful beyond most people's awareness. As long as we keep creating and projecting thought forms and thought patterns of fear, stress, anxiety, we will continue to create these energy structures to step into, day after day.

Our global opportunity is to think new thoughts, and our job is to learn how to reconnect with the consciousness which creates worlds and universes, with the divine mind of nature, to understand what this means for us personally and globally, and to know the action we need to take. We must learn to co create with nature and not to assume we know best.

Now is the time to go way beyond the surface of ourselves, to learn how to change at a deep level. To learn how to understand ourselves at a deep level. To truly feel the connection we innately have with nature and with all life on our planet and with Mother Earth herself. Through the intelligent help of flowers, nature and through flower and vibrational essences, we can all learn to do this.

Flower essences help us deal with change, open our mind, take the blinkers off. These are not uncertain times if we can tune into ourSelf and know our part within the change. Essences help us to rise above the mass consciousness of fear which drowns out the subtle voice of the intuitive self and dumbs down our innate knowing of how to act, and when. THIS is the change we have been calling for - to go beyond the restricting paradigms which hold us in the grip of fear, panic and stress. Nature has called us to reconnect and recalibrate to her own rhythms, to her innate balance, to her natural unfolding without stress. To evolve without fear. It is how our wise ancestors lived - and how indigenous cultures of our world still operate today, perfectly in tune with nature, making every decision mindful of nature and her global welfare with humans being just one species to consider as part of Earth.

As well as embracing flower essences to evolve and change peacefully, meditation is a way to begin reconnecting. In recent years, meditation has been diverted from its deep spiritual roots to be labelled as a practice to quieten the mind. Far from this – it is a divine and sacred practice, thousands of years old, practiced to maintain a space of listening, connection and conversation with the divine mind of nature and of all life. The busy-ness of people's lives pre lock down has been translated as busy-ness to fill their time at home, with no space for stillness. Now people are forced to be present with themselves, this is a real opportunity to learn meditation as a practice to listen intuitively, to think thoughts aligned with the divine mind of nature and not get caught up in the cluttered fearful frequencies of current mass consciousness across the planet. Nature asks us to be still. To listen. And if people continue to fill every waking moment – either in isolation or when back in community – with noise and distraction, then people are not learning, not embracing the opportunity of the moment.

Two people you can follow to learn how to become present and how to meditate, are Dr Deepak Chopra www.deepakchopra.com and Eckhart Tolle www.eckharttolle.com both global million selling authors and teachers.

January 2020 White Cherry Blossom in our spring orchard. Our flower essence to clear over complicated states of mind, for purity, simplicity. Flowers and nature speak a language our soul understands - part of our Easter blossom bench Click on the picture to see the full design on YouTube. Pink Cherry Blossom essence, to blossom in time with the seasons.

Time to remember what we have forgotten. Time to awaken what is natural to us.

As Dr Bach says, everything we need is within us already www.bachcentre.com What's in the way of us knowing this, even believing this, are mental patterns about how life works which we've been taught as truth, which we have freely adopted from upbringing and social conditioning. Essences dissolve mental patterns which cloud our true clarity and way forward. Fear, panic, stress and anxiety are not natural to us, they are born of trying to work out personal and global issues with the thinking mind alone. When we are in regular communication with our intuitive self, there is no fear, anxiety, panic, stress, because we instinctively know from nature that everything is as it is meant to be, that change is a necessary part of evolution, and sometimes radical change – however it comes – is not to be feared but embraced and celebrated, asking, 'What can I do?' from a calm, centred place of inner perspective, the place which is connected with all of nature and can hear, and know how, what and when to act.

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Bluebell wood Meditation Moment in the bluebells with Paddy. See lots of gentle nature and flower meditation moments on Shelley's YouTube channel. Immune Support essence. Click on the picture for full details and to buy.

Where the mind goes the body follows. Focus on being healthy, on staying healthy, on creating wellness, on becoming still in times of pressure and anxiety, learning to listen to your own intuition to know how and when to act. Taking time to review old fearful response patterns, to step into a new future. To think your own thoughts and not repeat the thoughts of those around you, of the media, of your ancestors. To be immune to mass consciousness, and to tune into the divine mind of all life, of nature and of yourself. This is the support our Immune Support essence offers you.

We have a chance to change ourselves now, to embrace the pause which we have ultimately called to us, to be ready to step into the world in a new way, and not just assume things will be as they were. Things needed to change, so begin with change in yourself, and be prepared to carry this change with you to create a new world.

These may seem like challenging times, but as Eckhart Tolle says, we rarely change while sitting in our comfort zone. Adverse conditions are a call for change. Let part of this change be how you engage with yourSELF, how you learn to listen to your own intuition, how you find stillness and peace within as more important than anything. I have a new page on our essence website with Essences for Challenging and Changing Times. Let the images guide you to the perfect change you need to embrace to create our new world. Flowers and nature speak a language our soul understands. Let us now return to nature and our inner nature as the way forward.

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