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March was a strange month. It began with the garden and flower beds being covered in a blanket of deep snow, and temperatures dipping well below freezing. Just as it began to warm up again, another fluttering of snow fell. Yet even with these sudden weather changes, the wild violets in the garden appeared from nowhere, in greater profusion than previous years, and they stayed around for longer too well into the beginning of April. Daffodils appeared on cue, as did the damson and prunus blossoms, which also survived being snow covered. The new tulips may be a little behind, but ultimately nature knows best, so they will flower in tune with the ‘ethernet’ connecting the nature in my garden with the nature of the whole planet (see February blog).

Meditations with Flowers April 2018 - A cold start, blossom wisdom, eco floristry, finding my floral style

April also sees the start of workshop season, with A Meditation of Flowers on 20 April. Focusing on the wisdom of blossom and other spring flowers in the garden on that day, I will talk about The Wood Element from Traditional Chinese Medicine for the season of Spring, its relation to personal boundaries, the liver and gallbladder meridians and related health, and how the wisdom of nature and flowers brings us closer to understanding ourselves at soul level – and the importance of understanding this. You also get the chance to intuitively create your own blossom design. Spring is the season of rising energy in the Earth, new growth, new potential which calls to be expressed. More to come about this in my social media posts throughout April.

About My Rural English Garden Nature’s wisdom from my rural English garden: January 2018 Blossom avenue welcomes you to the garden in April

April is blossom time in the garden, and we are blessed with an avenue of blossom trees which include pink cherry, white cherry and crab apple. We also have a profusion of plum, apple and pear blossom from trees next to our meadow. It is one of my favourite times of year in the garden. Blossom flowers appear delicate yet their essence characteristics reflect strength, tenacity, confidence and soul connection.

Apple Crown To wear your own crown of authority. For self-confidence.

My table-top floral design created at Moss & Stone

There is a growing trend at the moment for ‘Eco floristry’. With so much concern (and rightly so) about plastic and questions about floral foam, the more I read about eco floristry and natural flower arranging the more I realised this was exactly my style. I had decided from the start that I did not want to work with floral foam or present my flowers in anything that was not reusable/environmentally friendly. I just do what comes naturally and generally let the flowers guide me. Thanks to Instagram and the many floriferous designs posted by flower farmers and eco florists nationwide, as well as learning from the Flowers from the Farm Network (click on the logo to see my page as part of this wonderful nationwide network of flower growers and natural florists), I have been inspired to experiment with my free range style, to see what emerges without effort.

I get immense joy from sowing my seeds, watching the young seedlings grow and then creating all sorts of designs in a jam jar, in a vintage vase, as a hand tied meadow style bouquet for a friend. My flowers are teaching me to do it my way by how it feels when I am creating each floral design. They are helping me to find my style and encourage me to keep on practicing, playing, exploring the feeling of bringing a design together which feels complete in itself.  

I have done this for the last 25 years with flower essences, creating personal blends for hundreds of people through knowing the ‘click’ inside when a blend feels exactly right for each person. Now my garden flowers have called me to create intuitively, to express their joy with the joy I feel in each and every floral creation, from a tiny ‘top knot’ posy to the grander floral display. You may have heard me say in social media and my other blogs that flowers speak a language our soul understands. To me, intuition is everything, and the more I play with my flowers, listen to them, the more my confidence grows to create free spirited designs on a larger scale which feel amazing to me. I believe that when you express your love and joy naturally, simply because it is something you love to do, people will be drawn to your work because of your love and passion for it.

So, as this year’s flower season gets under way, I am expressing my floristry style as ‘Free-spirited, free-range, natural, eco, meadow style floral designs created with a deep love and a passion for the flowers I grow, to express the infinite wisdom of nature’. I know I know, it doesn’t roll off the tongue! I’m working on it!!

February  2018 Natural Spring Bouquet with campanula, snapdragon, astrantia and alchemilla mollis. March 2018

Pink Cherry Blossom To embrace change with ease, to walk through the seasons of life without resistance.

Umbrella Cherry To stand firm in lightness regardless of what is thrown at you.

Workshops Member of  Flowers From The Farm UK network. Click  logo above for details.

Last Autumn I was guided to  do a one to one floral design day with the inspiring, very lovely and extremely talented Brigitte Girling of Moss & Stone in Suffolk www.mossandstone.co.uk Her beautiful, wild, natural floral style is brimming with romance and showcases the beauty of British flowers at their best. I came away having learnt much about working with flowers – and much about myself too.

When I ran my Essence of Life soul coaching practice, my main aim was to get people in touch with their own soul language, to know what it felt like to really be themselves and how to express themselves without the mental and emotional clutter of who they thought they should be based on beliefs and attitudes passed down the ancestral line, or from society, religion, schooling etc which they had adopted without question. My work with flower essences as ancient medicines for the 21st Century helps people bridge the gap between mind and soul, to reveal their true essence. (See my flower essence ranges on their own website at www.the-energy-centre.com)

Growing my flower farm has grown me enormously. While I do not claim to be anything like a florist in the traditional sense, I know that I LOVE flowers, especially the flowers I grow, and I LOVE creating floral designs with them. I may not be the fastest at it. It takes me a while to create just a single posy let alone playing with larger designs. But that’s just it. Playing with my flowers lights up my soul in the same way working with their essence does or writing my stories. I used to say to my coaching clients, ‘what you are looking for is already inside you, waiting to come out’.

Spring Blossom Medicine Wheel I only use clay, reusable plastic and biodegradable pots

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