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We have been the custodians of our rural 2 acre organic garden in Kent UK for 15 years. An abundance of fruit trees – once part of an old farm orchard – plus oak, sweet chestnut, willow, silver birch, maple, cherry, poplar and crab apple trees share their shapes, blossom and shade throughout the year.

Every season has its beauty. Having studied and worked with the wisdom of nature for 25 years now, our garden has become a sanctuary of peace – for us and all of the resident and visiting wildlife throughout the year. It has the effect of recalibrating our energy if we feel knocked off balance by the outside world, or by our reaction to it. A walk around our garden with our border collies is deep soul medicine indeed. Our garden is just one small sacred space of nature – our nature portal – connected to wild nature and her amazing library of intelligent healing wisdom all over the planet.

There were shrubs and perennials aplenty when we arrived at Orchard Oast, and we have added many more.

In 2016, we started a small flower farm in the garden, growing vibrant, colourful British annual flowers from seed. Because we already had so many naturalised flowers growing here through the seasons  including snowdrops, daffodils, many astrantia and aquilegia varieties, crocosmia, rudbeckia, stocks, lillies and more, the addition of British annuals seemed to complete the rainbow of colour we love to see here.

From flower essences created in the garden, to free spirited floral designs which express the wisdom of nature and her seasons, to stories featuring visiting wildlife, our ‘Nature’s wisdom from my rural English garden’ blog brings you a look at what goes on in our 2 acres throughout the year – and shares the magic of nature which creates it.

My new workshops for 2018 go into detail about the wisdom of flowers and nature, how you can engage with it and work with it, for your own well-being and that of the planet.

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