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About me

My passion is to bring the wisdom, spirit and energy of flowers and nature alive in totally unique ways for our modern world to connect with, and to appreciate the importance of this connection for the future well-being of life on Earth. I produce flower essences, write stories about the wisdom of nature with animals as my stars, and grow beautiful, vibrant, colourful British flowers in season, from which I create garden posies, natural bouquets and free-spirited floral designs. Lots of pictures of my flowers are on Pinterest and Instagram - just click through from above. You’ll also find pictures and videos in the gallery.

If I can ignite a spark of curiosity in the hearts and minds of my fellow Earthlings, encouraging them to step outside the box of conditioned thinking and of how we generally see life and live it, the world will be a better place. Bold statement. And one I’m proud to make.

Following my science degree, I had a long business career in London advertising agencies. I then qualified as a flower and vibrational essence practitioner, training with world leading authority and author on flower essences, Clare G Harvey, at the International Federation for Vibrational Medicine.

I have a natural curiosity to explore life beyond accepted boundaries of science and social conditioning. This has taken me from a place of entrenched views about how life works, to explore new horizons which my schooling and science degree never even came close to. From 27 years of study and exploration into ancient teachings and medicine ways, indigenous life philosophies and traditions, alongside new theories of science, I have learnt to have an open mind, that I don’t know something until I know it, and what might be new to me has in fact been practiced by Wise Elders of our Earth since the beginning of time.

I live in rural Kent, UK with my husband and our border collies. Long walks with our dogs in the peaceful countryside on our doorstep, and spending many hours with our flowers are my soul food. And eating lots of good chocolate too!

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