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As a flower essence producer, mentor, teacher of flower wisdom, flower essences, flower therapy and ancient medicine ways, British flower farmer, natural floral designer and story writer, I offer a 6 month bespoke mentoring journey with my flower essences to light up your soul, free your spirit and inspire your life to new horizons and beyond.

Shelley's unique mentoring programme includes:

Whether you are at the start of your journey of spiritual awakening or are looking to deepen your connection with your own essence for personal and/or business reasons, I can help you develop your intuition, your knowing and self-awareness to simply be yourSelf.

People come to me for all sorts of reasons, experiencing all kinds of life situations, from all backgrounds. Each time with a completely unique life story.

My passion is to work with flowers essences because they bring us reminders of our own Divinity, helping us change direction and focus our energy and intention on the Truth of life and who we are. Flower essences are not giving anything we do not already have. They bring in resonant reminders of our innate soul qualities which have become smothered by conditioned, repeating ways of thinking and living. Ways which limit our true potential and result in us feeling sad, disillusioned, disconnected, feeling lack, feeling angry and more. Our emotions are important indicators of where we are in relation to where our soul is guiding us to go.

My gentle, profound work with you inspires new ways of seeing and releasing old problems and limiting ancestral patterns for you to live an inspired life.

What I bring to your life:

  1. My personal and professional life experience. I have 28 years' experience of working personally and professionally with flower essences from around the world and have been creating my own ranges since 2003. I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives for the better, helping them find peace, fulfilment and happiness. From running my Essence of Life mentoring and flower essence practitioner training, and previously my own retreat centre too, I have learnt to walk my talk, and practice what I teach. Read more About Me here.
  2. Kindness, clarity, humour, love, flower wisdom, laughter, empowerment, courage, joy, colour, intuition, non-judgement, the power of words, patience and peace.
  3. Unique tools, inspirations and flower therapy practices for daily use which I have developed from many years of studying ancient life teachings and medicine ways, Indigenous life philosophies and knowledge from new science, for you to change your life.
  4. A profound understanding of the relationship between mind, body, emotions and spirit and the many realms of existence, for personal and planetary well-being.

Do email me to ask any questions hello@shelleysishton.com

Cost: A 6 month bespoke programme is £750 inc VAT (offered in the UK only, see note below)

Explore my blogs and see our dedicated website about our flower and vibrational essences www.the-energy-centre.com

A NOTE TO PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE UK: New EU and worldwide regulations have made it very challenging to post flower essences overseas safely. Much as I would love to offer this mentoring programme to people all over the world, at present, I can only offer it to people in the UK. My way of working with flower essences is an integral part of your mentoring journey. Here's hoping we find a way to get round this situation very soon for our worldwide friends. With many flower blessings to you, Shelley.

One of the living flower pharmacy beds growing on our flower farm Essence of Nature Flowers. Flower Therapy and Flower Medicine Ways are just some of the tools Shelley introduces you to on your 1 to 1 journey.

“Sharing time with Shelley is always wonderful and nurturing. Working together, coupled with Shelley’s wisdom and her gentle ways has brought about a subtle yet powerful shift in my understanding of myself. It has given me the courage to take a big step forward and trust that I can absolutely create the change I’ve longed for.”

“I have cherished and loved our learning sessions together. My success story and how much I have grown is totally down to you and what you have opened my eyes to. I will always be grateful.”

“Through your patience and amazing wisdom I feel focused, charged and ready to roll!”

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